Who has been IU's biggest surprise?

Who have been Indiana's biggest surprise players through the first nine games of the 2013-14 season? Here is my list. Feel free to disagree.

What Indiana player has been the biggest surprise through the first nine games?

You could make arguments for a lot of players and this is just a list of players that have surprised in a positive way, too. There may be names for other side of the ledger as well.

Here would be by top three in order:

1. Devin Davis: I wasn't really sure just how good Davis would be and I felt like I had seen him plenty of times in AAU ball and a few times at Warren Central. I just wasn't sure how his game would translate to college. He's doing just fine thank you. Once his ankle gets healthy I really expect him to be one of the first three off the bench in most games.

2. Noah Vonleh: I knew he was going to be good but I didn't realize he was going to be six double-doubles in nine games good. I like a player that goes and gets the ball. And he just looks to have scratched the surface to his potential. I think he's going to have some monster games in Big Ten play.

3. Evan Gordon: Early on I was a little disappointed because I expected more out of a fifth-year senior. Now, I feel like he's settling into his role. He was really good Saturday night. If he can consistently attack the rim and play lock down defense he is going to be a major contributor. I think you would like to see him do more from the perimeter but I think he's a player who will really help this team.

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