Pre-Big Ten: How the Hoosiers stack up

An analytical look at Indiana's numbers through the non-conference season. There are some good numbers and there are some concerning ones. Wait until you see where Indiana is ranked nationally in turnover percentage. It is a little more than concerning.

The non-conference season is over. Finally. Now, the real fun begins.

The Hoosiers begin Big Ten play in eight days against Illinois at the other Assembly Hall, and they'll open conference play with a 10-3 record.

Here is some detailed analysis of how the Hoosiers stack up with the conference's other teams through non-conference play.


Indiana allows 94.4 points per 100 possessions, which puts the Hoosiers in the nation's top 25. Four Big Ten teams rank ahead of IU: Ohio State (1st, 86.5), Michigan State (10th, 92.5), Wisconsin (11th, 92.6) and Illinois (22nd, 94.3).Because we're talking about defense, let's go ahead and throw defensive effective field goal percentage. The Hoosiers rank 9th nationally in that category, and third in the Big Ten (Ohio State, Iowa).

So, what does that tell us? Well, Indiana hasn't played a lot of teams that are that potent offensively. But at the same time, it tells us that the Hoosiers are a pretty good defensive team. And they are going to have to be to compete in the Big Ten because of their inconsistency offensively.

TEMPO: 16th

Indiana plays at the 16th fastest pace in the nation. Tom Crean constantly talks about wanting his team to play faster, and they've done a pretty effective job so far with that. No Big Ten team plays faster than the Hoosiers.


The biggest weakness for this team thus far has definitely been turnovers. And the Hoosiers haven't played good competition, which isn't a great sign going forward. Indiana turns the ball over on 21.6 percent of its possessions, ranking 309th nationally. You probably won't be surprised to know that no Big Ten team has been worse. In fact, no other Big Ten team ranks within 200 spots of the Hoosiers.


The clear strength of this team: Crashing the offensive glass. The Hoosiers are the best team in the conference at this, rebounding an impressive 42.7 percent of its misses. The only teams better in that category nationally are Kentucky, Baylor and UAB. The closest Big Ten team to Indiana is Iowa, ranking 17th.


Again, you won't be surprised to hear it, but the Hoosiers aren't exactly a great shooting team from the outside. Indiana shoots just 31.5 percent from beyond the arc, and again, there are no Big Ten teams ranking below them. The conference's best 3-point shooting team is Wisconsin (23rd, 40.3), and then Michigan at 54th (38.3).


Not much else to say here, other than the schedule gets tougher from here. To compare, Ohio State has played the nation's 162nd best schedule to this point.


Is Indiana a deep team? We will soon find out. The Hoosiers have played a lot of players through the non-conference season, but they still don't rank all that high in bench minutes. The bench accounts for 36.1 percent of Indiana's minutes. The only Big Ten team that plays its bench more is Iowa (9th, 42.9 percent). We'll see if Crean continues to play the bench as much in Big Ten play.


For this one, let's go ahead and look at where all the other Big Ten teams come in. Ohio State is 2nd, Wisconsin is 7th, Michigan State is 11th, Iowa is 13th, Michigan is 22nd, Minnesota is 34th, Illinois is 51st, Penn State is 83rd, Purdue is 86th, Nebraska is 90th and Northwestern is 116th. So according to KenPom, the Hoosiers rank 7th in the Big Ten, just ahead of Illinois.

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