Catching Up with Jordan Hulls caught up with former IU guard Jordan Hulls, who is playing professionally in Poland.

Jordan Hulls was one of the primary figures responsible for turning the Indiana basketball program around. For four years, he was the hometown hero in Bloomington.

Now, he's playing professionally overseas in Poland. How are things going, what are his thoughts on IU's season to this point, and what's going on in his personal life? Find out here.

JUSTIN ALBERS: How has the whole Poland experience been? What have been some of the good and bad things thus far?

JORDAN HULLS: "The whole Poland experience has been pretty good. It's been a learning experience to say the least. The basketball has it's differences for sure but I knew that coming into it. It's been good for me as far as getting to know how playing European basketball is and it's only getting me ready for whatever happens in the future.

"It was a culture shock at first and I'm still learning more things about European lifestyle every day and it's tough at times, but all in all it's an awesome experience that not too many people can say they've been able to do."

ALBERS: Can you talk about some specific differences in the European game and what has been the hardest to get used to for you?

HULLS: "Just a different game. The refs, schemes, some rules, just overall a little different than what I've been playing in the past. It's hard to explain but it took a little bit to get used to. It is physical but it's nothing I'm not used to after playing in Big Ten. I would say that learning different schemes has been the hardest part because I've been doing things other ways the last 4 years, but it's all going pretty well."

ALBERS: What are your thoughts on IU's season to this point? Have you been able to watch many games?

HULLS: "It's tough for me to comment on IU's team because one I haven't been able to watch a lot of games and two I'm not there in practice with them every day. I know what those guys are going through in practice and all the hard work that goes into it. It is a lot different team than last years and I think that with more time together, on and off the floor, the better this team will be. They can be exciting to watch when they're playing up tempo basketball and I'll be excited to see what they're able to do as they get deeper into the season."

ALBERS: Does it hurt you to see their lack of shooting? Any guy in particular you think will eventually help in that area?

HULLS: "We were such a good shooting team last year, so it's tough to compare. Again, it's a new year and different players who can do other things real well. I haven't been in practices to see who is putting in the work with shooting or anything like that, but from my experience with some of them and after watching a handful of games, I'd say that Yogi [Ferrell] is shooting with confidence and that Will [Sheehey] and Austin [Etherington] are very capable of helping in that area. Just a different lineup than what we had so they do other things that will help them be the best they can be."

ALBERS: You're getting married soon I hear. Congrats on that. When is it and how exciting/hard has that been given life in Poland?

HULLS: "I'm very excited about getting married, even though it makes me feel old. We will be getting married in July of 2015 in Bloomington. My fiancé will have finished nursing school and I will have two seasons under my belt, so it will be perfect timing. It has made playing overseas tougher just being away from not only her but all my friends and family. She has been able to visit for good amounts of time though so that's been great. She was here for a month early on, then came back out earlier this month to spend Christmas and leaves shortly after New Years to start nursing. It's been good for us to experience this together a little and will be something we remember forever." Top Stories