IU Insider Blog: The Fischer Transfer

Luke Fischer has decided to leave Indiana and pursue other opportunities. Surprised? I was. This was one I really did not see coming. Here are my thoughts on the Fischer decision.

I'll admit when I got a phone call Monday afternoon from a friend saying he heard the Luke Fischer was leaving Indiana I was a little more than surprised.

Shocked is probably closer to the truth.

I just didn't see it coming.

My final memory of the freshman center in an IU uniform will be his impressive 10-performance in the non-conference finale against Kennesaw State. He had 10 points and seemed to play some of his best basketball of the season to date.

I remember leaving Assembly Hall that night thinking that Fischer was quickly becoming a player that was going to compete for minutes on this team. I really thought he would easily be one of IU's top 10 players in the rotation and see double-digit minutes in Big Ten play.

And then came Monday's announcement that Fischer had withdrawn from school and wanted to pursue other opportunities both in basketball and academics. I must admit I'll be interested to hear if he has a certain school in mind or exactly what he plans to do. Will he enroll at a new school at the semester and then be eligible to play the second semester of the 2014-15 season or does he have another plan in place?

My guess is that he has a definite plan and an announcement of his next school will be coming soon. Does he want to stay in the state of Wisconsin? Marquette perhaps? Not sure. Wisconsin wouldn't make sense. He would not be able to play for the Badgers on scholarship because of the rule that prevents you from transferring from one Big Ten school to another and still receive scholarship aid. So if he was to play for Wisconsin it would have to be on his dime at least the way I understand the rule to be written.

There are also used to be a rule that you had to sit out two years when transferring from one Big Ten school to another but I'm not certain if that is still in place or not.

But I must admit, this one still has me shaking my head. I just don't get it. He seemed happy enough. Had a happy-go-lucky feel to him whenever he would talk with the media. He was one of the players that was brought into the postgame media press conference following the Kennesaw State game and he talked then about looking forward to getting home and spending some time with his family. He said it was true of most of the freshmen that this would be their first chance to go home since getting to college.

So maybe that was part of it. Maybe he was homesick and just decided he wanted to play close to home. It's not like IU had recruited a bunch of people at his position and he saw the writing on the wall. If anything, the opposite was true. Noah Vonleh is playing in front of him but Vonleh could be one-and-done.

No, it's all just very puzzling.

Maurice Creek I understood. He wanted to get closer to home and felt he would have a chance to get more playing time for his fifth year somewhere else. That one I got. Remy Abell? That one left me shaking my head a little bit, too, because I thought he had a chance to contribute this year, too. But at least in his case, IU had brought in a lot of people at his position and perhaps he saw the writing on the wall.

Nick Williams? That one was odd because he had started his freshman year and played 25 minutes plus per game. Malik Story? I got that one because he was a California kid who wanted to head back West. And both of those teams were going to struggle.

But Fischer? This one is harder to figure out. I'm looking forward to hearing what's up in the next few days if indeed he does enroll at another school before the start of the second semester.

Here is one thing we know for certain: An interesting story line for the 2013-14 Indiana basketball team just got that much more interesting.

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