By the Numbers: What Penn State does well

Here's a look at what Penn State does and doesn't do well. The Hoosiers play PSU on Saturday.

Indiana travels to State College on Saturday to play Penn State. The Hoosiers really need this win. picks Penn State to win by a point, 76-75, and gives Indiana a 47 percent chance of winning. Here's a look at Penn State.

Overall: 95th

What the Nittany Lions do well:

1. Take care of the ball: Obviously, this is a major different between the two teams. Penn State turns the ball over on only 14.9 percent of its possessions, compared to 22.2 percent for Indiana. Penn State ranks 20th nationally in that category, while Indiana ranks 326th (out of 351). It helps to have experienced guards like Tim Frazier and D.J. Newbill.

2. Make free throws: When the Nittany Lions get to the line, they normally make their free throws. They are shooting 73.7 percent from the foul line on the season, ranking 50th nationally. Penn State is also shooting 51.4 percent on two-point attempts. Unfortunately, Penn State only gets 23.1 percent of its points at the line, so it doesn't get there all that often.

3. Score: OK, this one is kind of a stretch. To be honest, Penn State is pretty average in every other category. But they do score 108.3 points per 100 possessions, giving them an offensive efficiency that ranks 89th nationally. Not great, but not terrible, either. Indiana's offensive efficiency ranks 139th.

What it doesn't do as well:

1. Force turnovers: This is a very good sign for Indiana. Penn State forces turnovers on only 15.4 percent of its opponents' possessions, ranking 322nd nationally. It also has a steal percentage of only 6.6. If the Hoosiers can't protect the ball better against Penn State, well, that's not good.

2. Defend two-pointers: The Nittany Lions allow their opponents to shoot 46 percent on twos, ranking 316th nationally. Indiana shoots 51.3 percent on twos, ranking 87th nationally.

3. Get offensive rebounds: This is a category the Hoosiers excel in. IU rebounds 41.8 percent of its misses, ranking sixth in the country. Penn State only collects 28.1 percent of its misses, ranking 271st. Indiana should own the boards in this one, but you never know. Top Stories