By the Numbers: What Nebraska does well

Here's a look at Thursday's opponent, Nebraska, and what the Cornhuskers do and don't do well.

After three days off, Indiana returns to action on Thursday night at Nebraska. The Cornhuskers are playing well this season in their brand new arena, having beaten Ohio State and Minnesota in their last two home games. Nebraska also fell to Michigan by only a point at home.

So here's a closer look at Nebraska and the things the Cornhuskers do and don't do well. They enter the game ranked 74th overall according to

What Nebraska does well:

1. DEFEND THE 3-POINT LINE: Nebraska is a fairly good defensive team, giving up 99.5 points per 100 possessions, which ranks 82nd nationally. But the Cornhuskers are especially good at keeping their opponents from scoring from beyond the arc. Nebraska allows its opponents to score on 24.7 percent of its points from beyond the 3-point line. The Cornhuskers allow their opponents to shoot just 32.7 percent from beyond the arc. Given that Indiana scores only 20 percent of its points from beyond the arc, it's safe to assume IU won't score many of its points on 3s on Thursday night.

2. PROTECT THE BALL: The Cornhuskers aren't especially good in any other area. But they do protect the ball fairly well, turning it over on 17 percent of their possessions, the 80th-lowest margin in the nation. Indiana turns it over on 21.4 percent of its possessions.

What they don't do well

1. GET OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS: Nebraska rebounds only 28.1 percent of its misses, ranking 279th nationally. Analysis: That's not very good. It's an area Noah Vonleh and the Hoosiers should really beat Nebraska up. Indiana rebounds 39.8 percent of its misses, the 10th-best percentage in the country.

2. SCORE EFFICIENTLY: The Cornhuskers really struggle in this area. They score at a decent rate overall -- 108.4 points per 100 possessions -- but their effective field goal percentage of 48.8 ranks 205th nationally. Their 47 percent mark on two-pointers is even worse, ranking 234th. But some of those numbers can be thrown out given the way Nebraska has played at home of late. The Cornhuskers have scored 70, 68 and 82 points in their last three home games.

There's one other thing that should be noted about the Cornhuskers: They have played one of the nation's better schedules. Their strength of schedule ranks 15th nationally, and Nebraska played Massachusetts, Creighton and Cincinnati during the non-conference season. Top Stories