Tourney Watch: What does IU need to do?

With only two games remaining in the regular season, what the Hoosiers must do to make the Big Dance.

By beating Iowa and Ohio State last week, Indiana has given itself a chance to make the NCAA Tournament for the third consecutive year. It won't be easy and IU is still a long shot, but let's take a look at what the Hoosiers must do to go dancing later this month.

Record: 17-12 (7-9 Big Ten)

KenPom Ranking: 58th

Vs. KenPom Top 50: 4-5

Vs. KenPom Top 100: 7-11

Quality Wins: Wisconsin (home), Michigan (home), Iowa (home), Ohio State (home)

Bad Losses: Northwestern (home), Penn State (home), Notre Dame (neutral), Purdue (away)

Games Remaining: Vs. Nebraska (56th), at Michigan (13th)

My belief has been all along that if the Hoosiers get to 20 wins, they will get into the tournament. They now have four really good wins, and they'll probably have to add a fifth if they are to get to 20 wins.

I think IU will beat Nebraska on Wednesday and lose at Michigan on Saturday. That would make the Hoosiers 18-13 heading into the Big Ten tournament with a conference record of 8-10.

I went ahead and predicted the way the rest of the conference teams would finish to come up with a final Big Ten standings that looks like this:

1. Michigan (15-3)
2. Wisconsin (13-5)
3. Michigan State (12-6)
4. Iowa (10-8)
5. Ohio State (10-8)
6. Nebraska (9-9)
7. Minnesota (8-10)
8. Indiana (8-10)
9. Purdue (6-12)
10. Illinois (6-12)
11. Penn State (6-12)
12. Northwestern (5-13)

If my predictions were to hold up, Indiana would play Purdue in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament, and then would have to play top seed Michigan in the second game. There's also a possibility IU could play Illinois, Penn State or Northwestern in that 8-9 game, and the Hoosiers could earn the No. 7 seed depending what happens in a number of games. But I'm guessing based on past history the the Hoosiers would prefer to play Michigan over Wisconsin anyway.

So, if my predictions end up being correct, the Hoosiers would have to beat Purdue and Michigan to get into the NCAA Tournament. Top Stories