Tom Crean talks season on Twitter

Indiana coach Tom Crean posted a number of tweets reflecting on this year's season Monday.

Indiana coach Tom Crean took to Twitter on Monday to reflect and discuss the season that was. Here's a consolidation of all of those tweets.

"We would have loved to be able to keep playing. Our determination and confidence was high. Our desire to improve has been strong. Not much I will add now but we certainly appreciate the great support of our Indiana fans and students. See you next year."

"Over the next few days and weeks we will tweet out our thoughts on the season and our off season. No need to reply. I don't read it. I receive a lot of good advice through the years and some is really good. I love the passion of the fans. I just don't read my twitter."

"Our physical maturity improved a lot. Our competitive maturity improved as well. Now whatever maturity leads to great consistent game play Did not come like we needed it to. We could put together stretches and games but not at the rate needed to excel. Big part of the spring."

"The hardest thing for a player to do is to keep your passing and driving as simple as possible. Draw a crowd and pass it. Make it easy."

"The concept of one less dribble out front and one more around the basket can increase speed with the ball and finishing at the basket." Top Stories