Glass: 'We're Indiana. We don't play in CBI'

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass spoke to the Indianapolis Star about his team missing the NIT and declining a bid to play in the CBI.

When the NIT field was revealed on Sunday night and Indiana was not included, the next-best tournament, the College Basketball Invitational, extended a bid to the Hoosiers.

The CBI is a pay-to-play event, and Indiana declined to play in it. IU athletic director Fred Glass spoke to The Indianapolis Star regarding the decision, and his quote has made its way around social media today.

"Finances wouldn't be an issue if we thought it made sense," Glass told The Star. "But we're Indiana. We don't play in the CBI."

Personally, I applaud that decision. Sure, extra games may benefit this young team, but a program like Indiana doesn't belong in the CBI. It's that simple.

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