Williams talks about QB competition

Al Golden said Ryan Williams is having an excellent spring so far. He's been holding off strong competition from Kevin Olsen. Read on to see what Williams is saying about that, the return to the practice field today, and more.

On today:
I think we had a good practice coming off the break. We were fresh, physical, and things went good.

On the break impacting the timing of the offense:
I don't think the break took anything away. Our timing was good. Receivers ran good routes, the line did well. I don't think the break affected us.

On what needs worked on still:
We still have some older guys out so we're trying to make sure we're on the same page with the younger guys.

On Kevin Olsen:
I expected him to be good. He can play. It's good to have competition. It helps you get better.

On having experience:
I've been here longer so I know the basics in terms of getting the checks and things like that in order.

On D'Mauri Jones:
He's definitely improved a lot since he's been here. He's becoming more of a receiver. He used to be a basketball guy playing receiver. He's our biggest receiver and has the size and athleticism to make any play out there.

On what he needs work on:
Just being more of a leader. I've improved a little bit but you can always get better with it and it's important for a quarterback. I just want to be simple and not try doing too much. I'm just trying to be myself.

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