Isaac Griffith headed back to Indiana

Isaac Griffith has been discharged from Sarasota Memorial Hospital and is headed back to Indiana with his family per a Tweet from his father.

Isaac Griffith is headed back to Indiana.

Just under six days after a tragic swim accident left him in a medically induced coma in a Sarasota (Fla.) Hospital, the Indiana University redshirt freshman wide receiver was discharged from the hospital Sunday and began the drive back home with his family.

His father, Shannon Griffith, who is the head football coach at Manchester College in northern Indiana, had this tweet early Sunday.

"Great day #Sunday. Isaac has been discharged from #Sarasota Memorial and we have started our journey back to Indiana. Kim and I are so very thankful for everyone who has lifted our son up in their prayers, the hospital staff, and Sarasota for helping two strangers in need."

Griffith, via his Twitter handle @MUCoachGriff, also tweeted a few pictures of both he and his wife with their son.

Isaac Griffith also had a few tweets of his own on Sunday.

"Nothin more to say except I'm bless Indiana. I'm on my way home today. I can't thank everyone for their support in these past few days for me and my family. I can't say enough how grateful I am." Top Stories