Mailbag: March 26, 2014

You asked them, I answered them. Get updated on all things IU basketball in today's mailbag. Today's topics: Transfers Eron Harris and Anthony Lee, Assembly Hall renovations, and Tom Izzo.

Seeking6 writes: I know this is fairly recent, but do you see IU going after Eron Harris.  He said he wants to play closer to home and is an Indy kid.  Although he is a guard, do you see us having heavy interest and have you heard anything that to this point about his school list.

JUSTIN ALBERS writes: I haven't personally heard anything that would suggest Indiana has been involved to this point, but our Brian Snow reported a couple of days ago that we should expect IU to be involved with him. Even though he's a guard, I would expect the IU staff to reach out and at the very least gauge interest. He wants to play closer to home, and IU obviously would fit that.

Indiana is currently stacked at the guard positions, but Harris would have to sit out a year, and you never know what the roster will look like 12 months from now. Harris is a very good scorer and he will attract a lot of interest. I would guess Indiana will be one of the teams interested. As we learn more on this situation, we will bring it to you.

sg92390 writes: One more quick question. Subject is Izzo/Pistons. Did Marvin Clark sign his LOI already or does he have time to back out? Or would they just put that in the letter saying if Izzo leaves...he can leave too? Obviously I don't ever see Izzo leaving MSU but I never thought Knight would leave IU as well. Never say never.

ALBERS writes: This one is interesting because I hadn't actually heard anything about the Pistons targeting Izzo until I got in the forum and read your question. And I think it has a lot of merit. It's hard to believe Izzo would ever leave East Lansing, but he did almost bolt for the Cavaliers job a couple of years ago, and that franchise was in much worse shape than the Pistons. Detroit has a lot of talent. It might be one of the most talented teams in the league. And I bet Izzo could get a lot more out of those guys. He could stay in his same house if he wanted, and money obviously wouldn't me an issue.

Plus, there's a pretty good chance Gary Harris and Branden Dawson leave for the NBA after this season. Add in Keith Appling and Adreian Payne graduating, and it might be the right time for Izzo to try the NBA. I could actually see this one. So to answer your question about Marvin Clark, I'm not sure he decommits and comes to Indiana. I'm just not sure he's that important of a recruit, but I suppose it could happen.

bronkonagurski writes: Aside from Anthony Lee, are there any other 5th year transfer possibilities for IU to pursue, especially big men?  Also with Buzz leaving Marquette are there any of his commits/players that could look interesting to IU?

ALBERS writes: That's a really good question. I'm sure another fifth-year guy will emerge in the next month or two, but as of now, Lee is the only guy on IU's radar. I would expect them to also look at a couple JUCO guys with four scholarships open, but I'm not sure they will end up with a fifth-year graduate guy unless it is Lee.

As far as Marquette transfers are concerned, there won't be any news there until the school hires a new coach. When that is done, we will see.

marslanding writes: When are the renovations to AH scheduled to begin?  When are they scheduled to be completed?

The renovations crew has already begun meeting, and renovations are started to begin next season. They are scheduled to be completed as early as 2016.

Dyedinthewool writes: There has been a lot of talk about transfers this offseason. Do you have any news on possible departures?

ALBERS writes: You obviously asked this question before Monday's news broke, but I figured I'd leave it in here anyway to address this question: Is that it? That seemed to be the question on the minds of many Indiana fans after Jeremy Hollowell and Austin Etherington decided to move in. Here's the good news: That should be it. Sources say Hanner Mosquera-Perea is expected to say, as well as the rest of the roster. Top Stories