Johns talks about Spring Football

IU offensive coordinator Kevin Johns spoke to the media Tuesday following Spring Break Practice No. 8. He talked about prospects at wide receiver, running back and tight end among other things. Check it out.

Indiana offensive coordinator Kevin Johns spoke to the media Tuesday after Spring Practice No. 8. He addressed several topics.

Johns was asked about a young group of wide receivers who are getting plenty of reps in the spring.

"From a receivers standpoint, they're all getting reps because they are forced to,'' Johns said. "There is no one else to go play. But I'm very pleased with (Caleb) Cornett, with Dominique Booth, with Andre Booker, Mitchell Paige, Damon Graham. I mean there are a lot of guys that no one has really seen on the field yet for IU that are starting to make plays for us out there on the practice field. Now the next step will be for them to do it on the game field next August and September.''

As for the veteran wide receivers, Johns was asked about Shane Wynn and his move from an inside receiver to the outside.

"He's doing well,'' Johns said. " And it's a beautiful thing to take a senior and take him out of his comfort zone and ask him to go learn a whole new position. To me that's a great thing. For him to come in and just go play the slot again, he's been doing that for three years so he's got that down pat.

"Now he knows all three wide receiver spots so he should be able to help those inside guys and the outside guys. And he still has a lot of learning himself to do at that outside position because every day, every rep, every defense is going to be a little different. But he's doing good, he's hungry, he ‘s learning fast, I think it's going to be a good thing for him.''

Johns was asked about 6-5, 230-pound freshman tight end Jordan Fuchs, who was of six players to enroll at the semester and be eligible to play this spring. Fuchs played at Milford Academy prep school last fall.

"He's a big, athletic kid,'' Johns said. "I don't know exactly how we're going to use him yet. We haven't drawn up any specific plays just for him but we're going to find a way to use his height, his athleticism and his size to maybe find some mismatches.''

Another mid-year enrollee was Booth, the true freshman from Pike who graduated high school at the semester. Johns had good things to say about Booth through eight spring practices.

"He's doing phenomenal,'' Johns said. "Not that he's the best player on the field but man he is learning every single day. He knows what he is doing right now. He can take what we do in the meeting and go apply it to the field. He's playing physical. He's starting to play faster because he is gaining some confidence. But he's a high school kid and he really shouldn't even be here now. So anything he picks up is all an added bonus.'' will have a story on running backs Tevin Coleman and D'Angelo Roberts in the next few days. Both are getting limited reps in the spring so that the offensive staff can get a look at other options.

"Tevin played a lot of football for us a year ago and D'Angelo has had an increased role over the years and now we want to find out what can Myles Graham do, what can Laray Smith do, what can all those younger guys bring to the table,'' Johns said. "And just like receiver you're trying to force feed them and try to get them to take the next step. And let's find out, can we count on them or not. And that's kind of where we're at.

Johns said he likes what he has seen from both Smith and Graham in the early going.

"With Laray Smith one is his speed,'' Johns said. "He's a fast guy, he's a track kid so we're trying to put him in positions where he can utilize that. I think with Laray he's still learning how to trust his course and his track on every single play. Myles Graham is doing a great job of playing physical, learning the offense. He knows where to go, he knows where to be so now we're just asking him to take the next step of not only just take the ball and not just be able to read the blocks but make the right cut every single time.''

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