Will Jurkin be able to play next season?

It's a fair question after he has barely seen the floor through his first two seasons. Will Peter Jurkin be able to play next season?

In an exclusive interview with AllHoosiers.com, Indiana coach Tom Crean answered questions on a number of topics. Here is one of the stories from that interview.

Peter Jurkin has played a total of 18 minutes in his two seasons at Indiana. The 7-foot big man averaged 0.3 points and 0.5 rebounds last season, scoring a total of two points in 11 minutes on 0-of-3 shooting from the field.

At a time when the Hoosiers desperately need bodies on the front line, many Indiana fans are asking this question: Will Jurkin be able to play at all next season?

He's dealt with various injuries, and his legs have never been consistently strong enough to allow him to see the court. It's a fair question to ask, though, considering he is and has been on scholarship for the last two years.

"Hard to tell," Crean said Monday. "I think Peter's situation is still in flux right now. We'd have put him on the floor this year if we thought he was healthy enough to go and contribute, but he's just not.

"It's been a very unique situation because he works hard every day, he wants to play, but his body and his overall health with his legs has not allowed him to have any consistency with that. I don't know. It's too early to tell on that. Far too early."

Myself, I'm fairly skeptical. Jurkin is a very skilled big man, but I've never seen him move with the type of speed and agility required to compete at the college level. There's always a chance, and it makes sense for the Hoosiers to hold onto him given the number of scholarships they still have available, but it'd be nice for Crean and Co. to secure some insurance with another big or two in this class.

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