Spring Update: April 8

The Spring Game is just a few days away and Kevin Wilson spoke to the media Tuesday about how Indiana football is progressing. The Spring Game is scheduled for Saturday at 3 p.m. at Memorial Stadium.

Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson talked with media members following spring practice on Tuesday.

The Hoosiers continue to build toward Saturday's Spring Game which will kickoff at 3 p.m. at Memorial Stadium.

Wilson addressed several topics on Tuesday. Here are some of those quotes:

Wilson said he wasn't sure how the spring teams would be picked. He said there was a chance they may do a draft like they did last year where some of the seniors were split up, and the players are involved in the drafting process. He said that's what the team wants to do.

He said he still hadn't decided if it would be 1's vs. 1's and 2's vs. 2's or if it would be mixed up.

"We do have a few positions where we're thin,'' Wilson said. "We're a little thin in the offensive where you may have guys who have to play on both teams, kind of double dip a little bit. We're going to decide (Wednesday). How ever we decide to split it up we're going to have a coach's clinic Friday night and a helmets practice Friday night. We'll do some of our group work where the kids kind of play in groups and get some timing down.''

Wilson was asked what he liked about the receivers in the spring.

"I think we're getting some competitiveness, a little tougher, a little stronger,'' Wilson said. "We did lose some size. We've hit the weight room pretty hard. Those guys need to get a little bigger, a little stouter. In some of our individual drills some guys like Shane (Wynn) are a little bit more physical than they were a year ago.

"We're still a little inconsistent. We're making a few more competitive plays. Not as many as you'd want … when you have to make a really competitive play with a guy on you and get leverage, and get out of the break, and here comes the ball and the defender and it's a bang bang play how many of those plays are you making? We're making more of those plays but to be really good we have to make a lot of those competitive plays. The same thing defensively. We need some competitive pass breakups.‘'

Wilson said that mid-year freshman Jordan Fuchs has missed a few days with a concussion which has slowed his progress. Fuchs is a tight end but has been used in some receiver routes, too.

"We were trying to work him a little bit both as a tight end but also as a big outside guy,'' Wilson said. "So that has kind of been put on the shelf and I'd like to get back there. We'll see if that happens before the end of the spring.''

Wilson said that Nick Stoner had a turf toe injury that he suffered over the weekend and he's day to day.

"That's a smaller deal but at the same time when you can't push off the ball joint there of your toe it can limit you,'' Wilson said. "Hopefully he can play in the spring game. We're hoping to get him back but we'll see.''

Wilson talked about how the Hoosiers need to finish strong this week in their spring workouts.

"We need to finish strong, we're not nearly good enough,'' Wilson said. "Nothing major. We've got four or five offensive linemen coming off of things from last year, whether they be major or minor, and things like Stoner with the toe and Bobby Richardson had a slight ankle sprain the other day. There's a point in time where players just need work. Some of these guys need work. We as coaches need to put them in good situations to enhance confidence but also with physical play the right way, and also not get to the point where we have cheap injuries where they can't play.

"We do have more maturity, we have a lot of guys back and if we had the signing class out there I think we'd look like we have a chance to be real good. We have four more practices in the spring, then we need to have a good summer and get some guys healthy.''

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