Could Devin Davis be a starter next season? asked Indiana coach Tom Crean that question this week. Read more to find the answers.

As we've written many times on this site, Indiana's top priority this offseason is finding another big man -- or two -- in the class of 2014.

But we shouldn't ignore the big man options already within the program. Yesterday, I wrote about Hanner Mosquera-Perea and his need to become more dedicated to the team and the program before next season. I also wrote about Peter Jurkin and whether or not he'll be able to provide any sort of minutes.

The other big man on the roster is sophomore-to-be Devin Davis, who was forced to play inside at times as a freshman. Davis is just 6-foot-7, but he's strong and held his own against guys much bigger than him this past season.

Personally, I think if the season started tomorrow, Davis would be the Hoosiers' best option at the five spot. They'd have to play small, obviously, but I'd feel much more comfortable with Davis on the floor for longer periods than I would with Mosquera-Perea.

I asked Indiana coach Tom Crean on Monday if he could see himself starting Davis at the five next season and playing small. He said the Hoosiers really haven't played with a real five for the last several years since he's been here.

"The real five man per say, we really haven't had," Crean said in an exclusive interview with "Your position stretches if you can guard different people. And then it stretches that much more if you can play away from the basket and do multiple things.

"In Devin's case, he can do a lot of different things."

Davis was really impressive at times as a freshman. He was regularly in the rotation early in the season -- he had seven points and seven rebounds in a one-point loss to eventual national champion Connecticut in November -- but he found himself on the end of the bench early in the Big Ten season.

Davis, though, found his way back into the rotation late in the year, and played well. He had seven points in 15 minutes against Nebraska and followed it up with a 9-point, 6-rebound performance on 4-of-4 shooting at Michigan to close the regular season.

For the year, Davis averaged 2.4 points and 2.6 rebounds per game. I think, if he works hard in the offseason, Davis could improve as much as any player next season.

What do you think? Would Indiana be better off starting Davis at the five and bringing Mosquera-Perea off the bench if the season began tomorrow? Share your thoughts in our Premium Basketball Forum. Top Stories