Quotable: Tom Crean

Here's my favorite quotes from our exclusive interview with Indiana coach Tom Crean.

For the past few days, we've given you several stories from our exclusive interview with Indiana coach Tom Crean. Here are my favorite quotes from that interview.

"They just had their 12th or 13th lift. We've never had a program that wasn't hungry, but this group is developing a very strong synergy moving on toward the future."

"If you have that pitbull in you, this program can bring it out in you. But there's got to be some of it, because if there's some of it, we can bring a lot more of it out."

"One thing you can't coach and you can't build is the chip on the shoulder. If that chip is there, now you've really got something. If that chip's not there, you can't put it there."

On Hanner Mosquera-Perea: "Your commitment level doesn't mean you're in the gym more than anyone else, but your mind has to be around this and what needs to be done a lot. You don't have to be here to be thinking and planning for how you can be. And he's been easily distracted, but he's been trying to get out of it."

"The gym rat part of it, it's here. There's not one guy that's left in this program that doesn't utilize this facility in the right way. Now, you take the next step."

On playing Louisville next season: "I don't think you pass an opportunity like that up."

On recruiting: "Sometimes what other people might view as the best and what the public views at the best doesn't necessarily mean it's the best for you. There's so much that goes into this as far as their basketball temperament, their mindset, their personalities, the intelligence upside, the character and work ethic. You've got to factor so many things in. Once the basketball becomes relatively apparent, now how much better can it get?"

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