Crean considering return to open tryout

Indiana coach Tom Crean said he may hold a tryout for walk-ons before next season.

Last season, Tom Crean opted not to hold an open tryout to select walk-ons. Instead, he went the preferred route and got Jonny Marlin, Andrew Calomaris and Joe Fagan.

Add those three to the two Indiana already had -- Jeff Howard and Taylor Wayer -- and there wasn't room for another walk-on on the roster.

In an exclusive interview with earlier this week, Crean said he is considering a return to the open tryout. He hasn't been entirely happy with how the preferred walk-on situations have worked out.

Plus, there's room on the roster. Howard and Wayer graduated, and Marlin and Fagan left the program. That leaves four spots.

"I may go back to the old-school approach with the walk-ons," Crean said. "I may go back to the tryout part of it because we haven't had room for tryouts the last couple years. I'm not so sure that was the best way to do it, either."

Crean mentioned the fact that IU got Raphael Smith out of an open tryout two years ago, and the Hoosiers missed him in practice this past season. He didn't hold a tryout last year because he couldn't keep anyone, but admitted he felt bad not doing it. Top Stories