IU targets playing well at Indyball Shootout

Kris Wilkes and the 2017 Indy Hoosiers are having a productive day in AAU ball.

AAU season is up and going, and several Indiana targets are in action today in the Indyball Shootout in Indianapolis. Here's some notable statistics from a few of the players with IU interest or offers.

2016 G Eron Gordon: Gordon, playing for the Eric Gordon All-Stars, scored 38 points in a morning game against Grassroots Indiana-Lacy. Gordon has an Indiana offer.

2017 G Kris Wilkes: Wilkes had 20 points in Saturday's win over Circle City Elite. The Indy Hoosiers won the game by 39 points. Wilkes has an Indiana offer.

2017 G ZACH GUNN: Gunn had 14 points in Saturday's 39-point win over Circle City Elite, playing on the same team as Wilkes. Gunn has an Indiana offer.

2017 Paul Scruggs, Justin Roberts and 2016 big man Joey Brunk have also been in action and have played well. Scruggs and Roberts also play for the Indy Hoosiers and Brunk plays for Indiana Elite.

We will have more updates on recruiting throughout the spring and summer. Stay tuned.

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