Cunningham to announce decision next week

2014 F Josh Cunningham will choose between IU, South Carolina and others.

UPDATE 4:51 pm: Cunningham will now visit St. John's unofficially this weekend. Interesting.

Just a couple weeks ago, Indiana felt really good about its chances to land 2014 forward Josh Cunningham. The Hoosiers were in great shape with the Chicago-area prospect, and he seemed ready to commit to Indiana.

But just a few days before his scheduled decision date, Cunningham pushed everything back and added an unexpected visit to South Carolina. Now, the playing field is wide open.

Cunningham announced via Twitter on Thursday that he will make his decision sometime next week. An exact date has not yet been announced. Where he will go is anybody's guess.

I said at the time he scheduled an extra visit that it couldn't be good news for Indiana, and I still believe that to be true. But if a recruit leaves his last visit without committing, then it leaves the door at least a little bit open for the other schools.

My guess is it comes down to Indiana and South Carolina. We will have more on Cunningham as decision day approaches. Top Stories