Etherington on the Dan Dakich Show

Austin Etherington made an appearance Monday afternoon on the Dan Dakich Radio Show on 1070-The Fan in Indianapolis. The funniest part came when Dakich asked him if he had considered transferring to play with his brother, Alex, at Indiana State. Read more here.

Austin Etherington, who will graduate after three years from Indiana on May 10 and then transfer to Butler to complete his eligibility, was on the Dan Dakich Show on 1070-The Fan in Indianapolis Monday afternoon.

Dakich asked him what his best memory will be from his time at IU.

"I'll think about the experiences I went through, making to the tournament, being the No. 1 team in the country, and then beating Kentucky that year, those are things I'll ever forget,'' Etherington said. "Those are things I'll cherish forever.''

Dakich asked him about the importance of team leadership. He inferred that it was clearly there two years ago but not so much last season. Dakich asked him how much of a difference one or two guys can make it in a locker room.

"It really does,'' Etherington said. "With guys like Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, Cody Zeller and all of those guys they were leaders in the locker room, on and off the court. Having those kinds of players are really crucial toward the outcome of the season and the attitude of everyone. It's definitely a very important thing to have.''

Dakich joked with Etherington about how he was able to graduate from IU in three years. He said to him, ‘Are they just giving degrees away at IU?'

"No, it's called summer school,'' Etherington said in reply.

Etherington said he will walk with his class on May 10 and get his degree. He said he then needs to take two on-line classes to finish his degree completely. He said he would then report to Butler at the beginning of June. He would then go through all of their summer workout and conditioning work with the Bulldogs.

Perhaps the funniest exchange came when Dakich asked Etherington if he had considered transferring to Indiana State to play with his brother Alex.

"Did I think about it?'' Austin said. "Kind of but I kind of just wanted to let him do his own thing. Being that we're kind of like the same position, I didn't want to go over there and have to worry about battling and taking his minutes that kind of thing.''

"Or him taking your minutes,'' Dakich said in reply.

"Yeah, that, too,'' Austin said. Top Stories