Crean, Robinson, Ferrell speak on arrests

After the arrests of Yogi Ferrell and Stanford Robinson for minor consumption of alcohol and possessing fake IDs Friday morning were confirmed in a release by the Indiana State Excise Police, IU athletics released statements from Tom Crean as well as Ferrell and Robinson.

Just after 5 p.m. Friday afternoon, IU athletics released statements from Indiana coach Tom Crean, Yogi Ferrell and Stanford Robinson regarding the arrests of Ferrell and Robinson early Friday morning.

Read the release below:

Tom Crean:

"We are aware of the two infractions with a couple of the guys on our team. One of our big problems on the court this year was solid decision making, which directly mirrors our lack of decision making off the court. We had too many players that had a maturity problem all year and that maturity has not grown yet to where it needs to be. This isn't about a time of year or a special week on campus. This is about poor judgment, selfishness of actions, and disrespect for what this program stands for. We will continue as we have all year to push the responsibility of what it means to play in this basketball program and to represent yourself beyond reproach. We have been successful in doing that in the past and will continue to demand those same principles."

Yogi Ferrell:

"I apologize for letting down my family, coaches, teammates and fans and truly regret the mistake I made. This is something I have to learn from, use better judgement and I have a responsibility as a leader on this team to make sure nothing like this happens again."

Stanford Robinson:

"I'm very sorry for my actions. I know I have embarrassed my family and this program and have let a lot of people down. I have no excuses for the mistakes I made and I take full responsibility for them." Top Stories