Quick Quiz: Name IU players from Texas

Tim Priller will become the third player from the state of Texas to play basketball at Indiana. The other two names are pretty familiar to IU basketball fans. In fact, both scored more than 1,000 points in their IU careers. Name those two players.

The announcement Saturday that Tim Priller is the fifth and latest commit to the Indiana University basketball program got me thinking in Texas terms.

How many players in Indiana basketball history have hailed from the state of Texas?

Not many that's for sure. In fact, Priller, a 6-9 forward out of Richland High School in North Richland Hills, Texas just the third player in history who will play basketball at IU from the Lone Star State. North Richland Hills is a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas.

So who were the other two?

You can quickly skim to the end of this story and find out or you can play along and try to figure them out on your own. If you really thinking about it, you'll eventually come up with their names as both players played at IU within the last 20 years.

Want a hint? Both players are members of IU's coveted 1,000-point scoring club.

Hint No. 2: Both players had a career high of 39 points in one game while at Indiana.

Need more hints?

Both had brief stints in the NBA. In fact, both played for the same NBA team.

Hint No. 4?

One played for Bob Knight. The other for Mike Davis.

Here's the last hint: The first one to play for the Hoosiers led his team in rebounding twice. The other one is in the top 10 career for the Hoosiers in 3-point field goals made.

Certainly you have the players by now but if not, the answers are:

Andrae Patterson


Bracey Wright.

Patterson played at IU from 1994-98 and is 22nd on the all-time scoring list with 1,365 points and a career 11.3 average. Many still remember him for that 39-point game against Duke in the preseason NIT in Madison Square Garden.

He is from Abilene, Texas.

Wright played at IU from 2002-05 and ranks 16th all-time in IU career scoring with 1,498 points. His career average was 17.6. He made 186-of-532 career 3-point field goals. His 39-point performance came against North Texas.

Wright is from The Colony, Texas.

So how did you do? How quickly were you able to identify the former IU players from the state of Texas.

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