Observations and Analysis from May Classic

AllHoosiers.com's Justin Albers was at the adidas May Classic in Indianapolis this weekend. Here's everything you need to know about the recruits that were in action.

I was out on the recruiting trail again over the weekend at the adidas May Classic in Indianapolis, where a number of Indiana targets were in action. Here are some observations and analysis on some of those guys.


1. Hyron Edwards, G, East Chicago Central: I watched Edwards play three times over the weekend, and was impressed at times. He's a small, compact guard, but he's strong, rebounds well for his size, and seems to have what it takes to run a team. He's an OK shooter from the perimeter, but excels at attacking the basket and either finishing or setting up his teammates.

Edwards hasn't been talked about a ton with Indiana, but he said he still has an interest in the Hoosiers and remains in contact with the staff. He's a fringe top-100 player in the class, but I think he could end up being a solid collegiate point guard.

2. Sean McDermott, G, Pendleton Heights: McDermott isn't talked about a ton nationally because of a staph infection he dealt with during the high school season, but he is healthy now and is playing better than he ever has. McDermott has grown to 6-foot-6, which helps he shoot over smaller defenders. He's a dead-eye shooter who is improving at attacking the rim and shooting off the dribble.

McDermott has received new interest from Creighton and recently heard from Indiana coach Tom Crean. There's a good chance the Hoosiers will offer him a scholarship by the end of the summer.

I like McDermott's game, and I'm a much bigger fan of him as a Big Ten player than I used to be. He needs to get stronger, but that will come in time.

3. Ryan Cline, G, Carmel: Cline is only regarded as a two-star prospect, but he was recently offered by Purdue and has drawn some late interest from Indiana. In many ways, he resembles McDermott. He's tall at 6-foot-5, is a strong perimeter shooter, and needs to develop more strength.

I don't see Indiana offering both Cline and McDermott, so it may come down to a situation of who Crean and his staff feel is better. Right now, I'd give an edge to McDermott because of his ability to shoot off the dribble and attack the rim. I think he does that a little bit better than Cline at this point.


1. Kyle Guy, G, Lawrence Central: Guy is one of Indiana's top targets in the 2016 class, and it's not hard to find some reasons why. Guy is far from physically mature and he stands only 6-foot-2, but he is excellent in transition, has a solid pullup game, and is a willing passer. He needs to improve as a perimeter shooter and obviously needs to get stronger, but there's no reason to believe he won't over time.

Guy is playing up with the seniors to-be, and he holds his own with the older kids. He said Louisville has recently gotten involved in his recruitment because of the addition of former IU assistant Kenny Johnson, but he talked to Crean on the phone for an hour a week ago and still has a good relationship with the IU staff.

2. Eron Gordon, G, North Central: A lot of people are high on Gordon. He's picked up recent interest from Kentucky, Kansas and Duke, and a couple of those schools believe he can play the point guard position at the next level.

I'm not one of those believers. I like Gordon and I do think he has potential, but I don't project him to be a collegiate star like many do. He's got some of his brother Eric's athleticism and explosion, but not all of it. I see more Evan than Eric in him, and that scares me a little bit. I have my doubts as to whether he can handle the ball well enough and make good enough decisions to play point guard in college, which he may have to do if he's done growing.

There's no doubt Gordon can put the ball in the basket, but he's far too much of a volume shooter for my liking and he still has a long way to go defensively. Many scouts and analysts have a different opinion of Gordon, but that's just my take.

I reported about a month ago that Indiana has backed off of Gordon, and that continues to be the case. I'm told the IU staff has some of the same worries I do.


Paul Scruggs, G, Southport: Scruggs is physically mature for his age and does much of his damage by attacking the rim against smaller, weaker guards. Some wonder whether Scruggs has already fully matured and thus has reached his peak, but I'm not so sure.

Scruggs struggles sometimes with decision making, and he needs to become a much better shooter, especially from the foul line. I watched a game in which Scruggs made only 3-of-9 attempts from the line. That has to improve.

But I do like his game and think he has the potential to make an impact at the next level.

Kris Wilkes, F, North Central: Ultimately, I think Wilkes will be the best of the 2017 kids from Indiana. He's talk, athletic, and he has strong basketball instincts, especially when it comes to crashing the offensive glass.

Wilkes is very skinny and needs to add weight, but he just finished his freshman year and has plenty of time to do so.

ZACH GUNN, G/F, Hamilton Southeastern: Gunn shot the ball very well in the games I saw -- he was 4-of-4 from beyond the arc in one game -- but here's my question: What else can he do? Gunn is 6-foot-7, but I've rarely seen him attack the rim, and he's not overly athletic. Can he develop and become capable of doing more than just shoot 3s? We'll see.

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