Hoops Recruiting Central: 2015 shooters

How important are spot-up shooters to success at Indiana? We explore that question and more here.

Welcome back to Hoops Recruiting Central. Now that the summer is upon us, I hope to do 4-5 of these blogs per week.

I took the weekend off of AAU, but wanted to discuss an important and relevant topic in today's blog. That is, the importance of shooters in recruiting, and specifically at Indiana.

Last year, Indiana didn't bring in a true shooter, and it hurt the Hoosiers some throughout the season. In the 2012 class, there wasn't a true sharp shooter either, but Yogi Ferrell has developed into quite the perimeter threat from beyond the arc.

Austin Etherington came in with the 2011 class, but he never panned out as a 3-point threat, either. The last pure shooters to come to Indiana were Jordan Hulls and Matt Roth.

So the question is, should Indiana recruit a player whose primary role is to make 3-pointers every year or every two years? Is that a need at the college level and in the Big Ten, or is it better to recruit athletes that can eventually develop the ability to shoot?

I ask that question because, well, Indiana is bringing in several shooters with the 2014 class, and Tom Crean is looking at several shooting options in 2015.

Crean has not yet offered Sean McDermott or Ryan Cline, but both have drawn interest. In my eyes, McDermott is the better player, a guy who somewhat resembles Butler's Kellen Dunham. Crean was interested in Dunham, but he committed to Brad Stevens and the Bulldogs before IU could offer him.

Should Crean offer McDermott or Cline? Is it important to bring in a sharp shooter in 2015?

I think so, and I like the idea. Why? Well, you can never have enough shooters, and in the past, IU has taken guys to be shooters who weren't that great of shooters in high school (Etherington, Collin Hartman). Both Etherington and Hartman spent a good amount of time playing inside in high school, and I always wondered how they'd be able to transition to a more perimeter-oriented role in college.

But McDermott is a pure shooter in the same way Hulls and Roth were, and those guys can be very valuable in the Big Ten.

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