Is Peter Jurkin done at Indiana?

Indiana's Peter Jurkin had surgery recently, and his playing future is in doubt.

Earlier this summer, after our exclusive sitdown interview with Indiana coach Tom Crean, I wrote about Peter Jurkin and his status going forward with the Hoosiers.

Jurkin, of course, has played minimal minutes in his two seasons in Bloomington, never healthy enough to truly contribute at the collegiate level.

Well, now Jurkin's status as a scholarship athlete is more in flux than ever. Crean said Wednesday at Huber Winery that Jurkin recently had surgery and that he's unsure if he will play for the Hoosiers.

"Is he going to play or is he not?" Crean said. "That's really what it's coming down to. We're in Year 3 now. He's a great kid and we want him to be successful, but you have to be healthy to have that chance to be successful.

"That's an up-and-down situation. There's no clear path to that right now. He had his surgery. The poor guy has never been in any kind of consistent health situation since he's been there and that goes back to his high school days."

Crean said on Wednesday night that Indiana has two scholarships open in 2014, which the Hoosiers would have if Jurkin were not on scholarship or put on medical hardship. Top Stories