Tom Crean talks April, Priller

Indiana coach Tom Crean offered his first public comments on IU's two late commits in the 2014 class, Tim Priller and Jeremiah April.

Indiana added two players to its 2014 recruiting class this spring, center Jeremiah April and forward Tim Priller. For the first time since they committed and signed, Indiana coach Tom Crean spoke publicly with his thoughts on April and Priller and what they can bring to the Hoosiers this season.

April, a 7-foot center who played at prep school in Arizona last year, will give the Hoosiers some much-needed size on the front line.

"Jeremiah April, to me, he's grown four inches in just a couple of years. He's put on weight, he's played a lot of games, an awful lot of games," Crean said. "And he's one of those late bloomer guys but I don't even think he's anywhere near where he's going to be. And he'll get into campus this weekend, starting next week, so we'll get a chance to start having him with us and get him indoctrinated into what we're trying to do along with Tim Priller.

"But Jeremiah, he's got very good timing, he's got excellent hands for a big player. He's got a tremendously soft touch. So very soft hands and a soft touch. And it'd be a lot different story, because he's relatively raw there's no question about that, but if he didn't have really good hands and didn't have a really nice touch, then you're looking at a guy who may not become a good shooter. We think he's going to become a very good shooter. He's got good timing on blocking shots. I don't think he understands the intensity level yet that he's capable of playing at on a daily basis or what's going to be expected of him. I love his attitude, I love his family. I really like his coach and I like how excited he is to come to Indiana."

Priller, a 6-foot-9 forward from Texas, was hardly recruited by anybody, but he shot better than 50 percent from beyond the arc last season and Crean hopes he can get a power forward that stretches the floor out of him.

"Tim Priller is one of those people that reminds me of a more athletic Nick Fazekas," Crean said. "Nick played at Nevada. We recruited him when we were at Marquette. He ended up being the second pick in the second round to the Dallas Mavericks years back. And he was one of those guys that, he looked a little bit unorthodox, but all that happened was the shot went in. And to me, Tim brings that. Anybody that's at that size, playing in that level of competition that shoots 52 percent from 3, that's going to get your attention right away. But he's got an attitude of getting better. I think he's going to bring in a real hunger to improve, to prove people wrong. I loved what I saw on film and it wasn't just the ability to make shots, it was how he impacted games when he wasn't shooting the ball. It's drawing a charge at 6-foot-9 at the end of a game to win a game. It's grabbing a big rebound. I think he can pass the ball. He's got to get stronger." Top Stories