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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. --- Kenny Williams emerged on the national scene in April, and UNC's interest in him began immediately thereafter. Now the 2015 shooting guard is planning a visit to Chapel Hill.

You made a national splash in April, hitting a lot of threes at that first EYBL event in Sacramento. What was that experience like to go from a relatively unknown prospect to someone being discussed on a national level?

It was fun because it's always fun to get your name out there and show what you can do. It was just a fun experience in Sacramento – I don't want to say it was easy, but it just kind of came to me because no one knew who I was. Nobody planned on me shooting 62 percent from the three point line.

How did things change after that?

They play me for the three now, but I'm still getting them off. I think I finished my EYBL season with 38 threes and I didn't play the last session, so I still got them off and still hit them – I just wasn't as hot as I was there.

On the AAU circuit, playing for Boo Williams, you're mostly in a three-point shooting role. That's not the case here.

What he wants me to do is shoot the ball, but at the end of the day you've got to be a basketball player and take what they give you. Out here they are giving me the lane and I'm just taking it … I'm just taking what the defense gives me.

What differences have you seen in your game over the last year?

I'm much more comfortable handling the ball. My coach could see it just now as we were playing. He said he wants to put me in more pick and roll situations (next year) because I made the right decisions. I'm definitely more comfortable handling the ball and my shooting has improved since last year, even though my stats in high school don't show it.

Do you know how many offers you're up to now?

16 or 17. The most recent is Indiana.

Do you have any leaders at this point?

It's still wide open. I'll take some visits in the summer. And that's when I'll know who really jumps out at me.

What are you looking to find at a coach and school?

I just want a coach that is willing to build a relationship with me and I can see he's genuine about everything he's saying. I want to get up and down and play in the open court a lot, because it makes the game fun to play. And also a coach that talks about the academics at the school, too. I want to go to a school that puts a high priority on academics. Those are my top three things.

Are there any schools that have come at you harder than others?

The schools that have talked to me the most recently are Michigan, Indiana, Georgetown, VCU and UNC.

What schools are you going to visit and when?

Me and my dad are in the works of planning a visit to UNC. And we might go to Michigan in the coming weeks or in August. Those are the only two that I know of.

Being wide open right now, do you have any kind of decision timetable?

I'll probably decide before my senior season. I'll cut down my list in August, take my official visits in September/October then I'll make my decision before my senior (season).

Once you made that big splash in April, that's about when North Carolina got involved, right? How did that come about?

Coach (Hubert) Davis actually called me first and told me how much they were impressed with how I played (in Sacramento) and they just told me that they were going to start recruiting me. And then Coach Williams called and reiterated on what Coach Davis said. Then they called my dad and things have taken off since then. They told me they're going to watch me in July and see how I play and that they wanted me to visit and so me and my dad are going to visit in the next few weeks.

Is it tough to find time for a visit with your busy summer schedule of camps and AAU tournaments?

In between the camps in July I have breaks so I'll probably go in between the breaks. … Once I leave here I go to the Point Guard Academy on Monday. We leave the (NBPA Camp) here Saturday. (UNC) wanted me to come Sunday, but my dad didn't have the time, so we're trying to work around my schedule and my dad's schedule.

When you said the North Carolina recruitment had "taken off," what did you mean by that?

We just talk more and the texts with Coach Davis became more frequent. Roy usually calls, he doesn't really text much. I actually sprained my ankle in Hampton and they checked up on me a lot.

What's it like being recruited by Coach Davis?

I like him. He's a fun, family-oriented guy. He talks about his kids a lot and I like that, it kind of reminds me of my dad. I have three siblings with my dad and he likes to talk about us a lot.

What position and role is UNC recruiting you for?

I believe a ‘2.' Just to come in and be another shooter, spread the floor.

How close are you with (2014 Indiana signee) Robert Johnson, who is from the same town and also attended your high school?

We're really close – we're like brothers. We talk every now and then. I drop his brother off and I'll see him and we'll have a conversation here and there.

Did you follow Rob's recruitment? He seemed to go through almost the exact same thing – a perimeter player from the same town who made a national splash in April and then had the same schools after him …

Right, it's kind of funny because we went through the same situation. It's like we're the same player, but we do things differently. He's more of a combo guard, I'm a two guard, and I'm actually taller than him now. I'm 6-4 now, and hopefully still growing. … Just seeing the way he handled it, it helped me.

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