IU Insider Blog: Is only 6 commits a concern?

A total of six football commits by June 20 may not sound like a big number compared to some programs but for Indiana it's the second most commitments at this point in the year over the last 10-year span. And all six are 3-star commits by Scout.com.

I was talking to a friend (Yes, Chris Smith that would be you) the other day about Indiana football picking up a pair of commitments this week and mentioned to him that it brought IU's total to six for the 2015 class.

"Only six?,'' he responded. "Some of the big football programs out there have 15 or more committed already. Is that a concern for IU?''

The reality, however, is that six is about what Indiana always has this time of the year. The Hoosiers have a ton of offers out there including some highly touted prospects but six is about right for this time of the year. If anything, it's more than usual.

I went back and looked at the last 10 years to see when different players had committed.

Last year, for example, IU had five commits by June 21. Those five included Delroy Baker, Wes Martin, Alexander Diamont, DeAndre Herron and Michael Barwick.

The sixth commit last year came on July 2. So IU is technically two weeks ahead of last year's pace.

Two years ago, in the class of 2013, IU only had one player committed as of July 1. That was Isaac Griffith.

In the class of 2012, the Hoosiers had four commits by June 21 and a total of nine by July 1.

In the class of 2011, Indiana had nine committed by June 21 and 10 by July 1. That was clearly the high water mark in recent classes.

In the class of 2010, the number was five by June 21 and seven by July 1.

In 2009, it was two by June 21 and five July 1.

In 2008, it was four by June 21 and seven by July 1.

In 2007, the Hoosiers did not have a commit by June 21. The first one came in on June 24 and IU had two by July 1.

In the class of 2006, IU had four by June 21 and a total of five by July 1.

The class of 2005 was another one where Indiana did not have a commit by June 21. Again the first commit didn't come in until June 24 and that was the only one by July 1.

So six commits at this point is far from anything to be concerned about. In fact, it's in the top two in the class 10 years.

And the fact that all six of those commits are 3-stars by Scout.com is another positive.

With IU hosting camp through the end of this month my guess is that there will be a handful of other players that will commit between now and July 1. Again, the high water mark there was 10 in the class of 2011.

It will be interesting to see if this class comes close to that number. It could happen.

Stay tuned for all your IU football commit info here as well regular Football Recruiting Updates on various IU football targets.

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