NBA Draft Day: Where will Vonleh go?

It's Draft Day, and Noah Vonleh is likely to be drafted in the top five. Where will he go? Read more here.

The NBA Draft is finally here. Coverage of the draft will begin at 7 p.m. on ESPN, and former Indiana standout Noah Vonleh is likely to be drafted in the top five.

An injury to former Kansas center Joel Embiid has helped Vonleh climb some of the mock drafts. Here's where some of the experts currently have Vonleh being selected.

ESPN's Chad Ford: No. 4 to Orlando Magic
Sports Illustrated: No. 5 to Utah Jazz
Draft Express: No. 5 to Utah
Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears: No. 5 to Utah No. 5 to Utah
ESPN's Jeff Goodman: No. 3 to Philadelphia 76ers

Ford's projection is interesting because it would obviously pair Vonleh with former Indiana star Victor Oladipo, who was drafted No. 2 overall by the Magic last season. The Magic have had discussions with the Cleveland Cavaliers about trading for the No. 1 pick, and if they get it, the Magic would like to select Duke's Jabari Parker.

Vonleh worked out for Philadelphia, Orlando, Utah, Boston, Los Angeles (Lakers) and Sacramento, all of whom are picking in the top eight.

ESPN's Grantland and Seth Davis of Sports Illustrated both spoke to anonymous NBA scouts about a number of elite draft prospects, including Vonleh. Their thoughts are fairly interesting, and they are posted in italics below.

ESPN's Ryen Russillo, quoting "Scout 1":

His NBA team needs to let him dribble. Don't think he'll be a star. It's not his personality. He's a starter but has to be your third- or fourth-best player.

I like him — [I'm] not goo-goo-ga-ga over him. Work ethic is a question because he wasn't in great shape when I saw him. How is that possible? June 26 is the biggest night of your life. He said he was hurt, which I get … but does that mean you can't get on a bike? This is an audition. It's not an overriding factor, but you consider it.

Like him as a kid, not sure what happened at Indiana. He didn't get a lot of minutes, and I'm not sure he wanted to leave. Too good of a kid not to figure it out.

Davis' piece, quoting "Finch", an NBA scout:

"He's not super explosive, but he will absolutely rebound the basketball. He plays with passion. He'll be a very solid NBA player for years. He's a little short for a four but he makes up for it with incredible length and big hands. He's a really thick human being. Why didn't he dominate at Indiana is a huge question, because he scores in a lot of ways." Top Stories