A look at all of IU's first round NBA picks

Noah Vonleh will be the 25th player in Indiana history to be selected in the first round of the NBA Draft Thursday. But where will he go? Here is a look at every IU player picked in the first round and what selection he was.

Noah Vonleh will become the 25th Indiana University basketball player to be selected in the first round later today in the 2014 NBA Draft.

Depending on where he is selected, here is where Vonleh will fall into rank with former IU players that were drafted in the first round.

1st pick overall: Walt Bellamy (1962) Kent Benson (1977)

2nd pick overall: Archie Dees (1958), Scott May (1976), Isiah Thomas (1981), Victor Oladipo (2013).

3rd pick overall: None.

4th pick overall: Cody Zeller (2013).

5th pick overall: None.

6th pick overall: Calbert Cheaney (1993).

7th pick overall: Quinn Buckner (1976), Eric Gordon (2008).

8th pick overall: None.

9th pick overall: None.

10th pick overall: Bob ‘Slick' Leonard (1954).

11th pick overall: Bobby Wilkerson (1976), Jared Jeffries (2002).

12th pick overall: Mike Woodson (1980).

16th pick overall: Alan Henderson (1995), Kirk Haston (2001).

17th pick overall: Steve Downing (1973), Uwe Blab (1985), Greg Graham (1993).

18th pick overall: Ray Tolbert (1981)

22nd pick overall: Randy Wittman (1983).

27th pick overall: Brian Evans (1996).

29th pick overall: D.J. White (2008)

30th pick overall: Steve Green (1975).

George McGinnis is listed in the NBA Draft annals as being a second round pick, the 22nd selection overall.

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