Stephen Curry Select Recap

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- The first Stephen Curry Select Camp sponsored by Under Armour tipped off on Sunday and ran through Wednesday afternoon. Derryck Thornton was a major standout, while Troy Brown and others impressed as well.


Coming off a terrific performance at NBPA Top 100 Camp, Derryck Thornton, a 6-foot-1 lead guard out of Henderson (Nev.) Findlay, was at it again at the Stephen Curry Select Camp.

It was evident over the four-day event that Thornton was arguably the camps top performer. Stephen Curry even told that Thornton was the player he was most impressed with.

"Derryck's competitiveness and his will to win, you just see it in all the drills we've done," Curry told "He's pretty explosive for a guy his size. He showed obviously in this session he could shoot the ball. He competes on both ends. He's a guy that I think has stood out in camp in all aspects of what we are trying to do."

Thornton played with supreme confidence at the camp. His ball skills particularly stood out here, as a premium was placed on drill work. Thornton is a crafty ball handler with very good footwork.

Thornton sought out competition and constantly tried to match up and defend Stephen Curry. He even blew by him for a lay up during a one on one drill.

One area that doesn't get discussed much regarding Thornton's games is his defense. Laterally he's quick, but he also puts forth great effort on that end of the floor and has the potential to be a lock down on the ball defender.

Thornton won the camp most outstanding player award.


It's not often that a NBA All-Star gets out and works with elite high school prospects, but that's what Stephen Curry did the past few days.

Curry and Under Armour brought in 18 players and put them through intense drill work and competition for four days. Curry was hands on and involved in the planning, teaching and even the film portion of camp.

Curry drives to the rim (KellyKline/UnderArmour)
"When I first signed with Under Armour it was important to have this as an opportunity to bring in the high school talent and be able to give back," Curry said.

"When I got to college I was able to go to these kind of camps, but I wasn't in their position out of high school. So I want to share what I know about the game. Hopefully this being the first year, we'll grow it to different talent levels across the country."

As Curry mentioned, he wasn't a highly touted prospect in high school. In fact, Curry wasn't a top 100 recruit and was rated No. 36 at the shooting guard position in the 2006 class. He has a message for the highly touted players.

"I tell them it's nice to have the notoriety they have and they do have a head start on guys like me," Curry said. "From what they've done and the skill sets they have, everything resets in college. You can't live off your high school name once you get to the next level.

"There's only a few one and done prospects," he added. "They still work and hopefully they'll take some of the skill stuff they learn here and work on them. Just have the mentality that you have to keep grinding because guys like me when I was coming out of high school are right behind them."


Of all the prospects in attendance at the Stephen Curry Select Camp the youngest player may have the most upside.

Troy Brown, a 14 year old sophomore-to-be, was particularly impressive during the event. At this point, Brown is a known commodity, but up against older players and good competition, Brown managed to standout.

Brown impresses at camp (KellyKline/UnderArmour)
"I think I'm at the same level they are," Brown said when asked how he stacked up with the other campers. "It isn't too much of a challenge. It's just playing basketball. They might be a little bit older, but it's just playing basketball."

Brown's physical attributes are impressive. He has great size for a primary ball handler at 6-foot-6. He also has good length and is an impressive athlete. For his size, he handles the ball and is quick enough to get by the first line of defense.

Brown's biggest strength began to show once the players got into four on four action. When Brown has the ball in his hands, he has a knack for making things happen, both for others and himself. He has a tremendous feel, sees the floor well and is a good passer.

While's 2017 rankings haven't been released yet, when they are expect to see Brown's name towards the top of the list.


  • Terrance Ferguson, SG: Ferguson was easily one of the best prospects and players at camp. The 6-foot-6 wing has a reputation as a shooter and his rep held true. He showed very good range and consistency with his stroke. Ferguson is also a high-level athlete that excels in transition. One area of his game that caught my eye at the camp was his defense. He was dialed in on that end, moved his feet well and did the best job of any camper of defending Curry during one on one drills.

    Battles shows middle game (KellyKline/UnderArmour)
  • Mitchell Ballock, SG: A 2017 prospect, Ballock more than held his own against the upperclassmen. In fact, I thought Ballock was one of the top performers at camp. Ballock, a 6-foot-4 guard, is a very good shooter and the southpaw has good range, which he showed when he won the three-point contest shooting from the NBA line. Ballock also has good ball skills and is a sneaky good athlete. Ballock is a scoring threat and he played with confidence at this event.

  • Tyus Battle, SF: Battle's ability to handle the ball and his consistency from mid-range were the big takeaways from his game at the Stephen Curry Select Camp. At 6-foot-6, Battle is skilled. He showed he could handle the ball in tight spaces and make plays off the dribble. He has good form on his shot and may have been the best mid-range shooter in the camp. His range extends to three and during one session made four threes during four on four action. Battle is tracking as one of the best wings in the 2016 class.

  • Mustapha Heron, SF: One of the more physically imposing wing prospects in high school basketball, Heron played well and worked hard throughout camp. The 6-foot-5 powerfully built wing prospect is a strong driver and a very good finisher at the rim. He knows how to use his strength, plays physical and can out tough the opposition. He's also an improving shooter that has a comfort level from mid-range.

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