The Greatest Series: Top Performance No. 3

George McGinnis had several big games in his lone season with Indiana but one will always stand out. It's the day he joined a very exclusive club in Indiana basketball history. Read on.

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George McGinnis only played one season at Indiana.

He put up crazy numbers during that 1970-71 season. His 29.3 scoring average is an IU school record. He also averaged 14.7 rebounds which is also fourth all time for a single season in Hoosier history.

But McGinnis had one game in particular, a non-conference battle with Northern Illinois on Feb. 1, 1971, that put him in select company in IU history.

On that day, he became the first player in Indiana history to join the 40 point/20 rebound club. His teammate that year, Steve Downing, would go on to accomplish the feat the following season, too. But they are the only two players in Indiana history to ever score more than 40 points in a game and pull down more than 20 rebounds.

The day that McGinnis had his big game against Northern Illinois, Indiana needed every bit of it. The Hoosiers won that day, 113-112.

McGinnis scored 45 points and pulled down 20 rebounds.

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