The Greatest Series: Last Second Shot No. 9

Our second last-second shot in the countdown goes back nearly 100 years into the annals of IU basketball to a shot by Rockville, Indiana's Urban Jeffries.

Each day, has a new installment in “The Greatest” series that will chronicle some of the top players, teams and performances in Indiana basketball history.

The first top 10 countdown looked at some of the top individual performances in IU history. In the second list we’ll look at the best last-second shots in Indiana history. p>


In researching this topic, I went back through game-by-game annals of Indiana basketball looking for last-second shots that gave Indiana the victory.

In many cases, the descriptions simply said that a certain player had scored in the final seconds to help Indiana win. I stayed away from those when possible and focused on the ones that were more specific.

One of the ones that I found that fit that criteria occurred in the 1920 season.

That season, Urban Jeffries, a senior forward from Rockville, Ind., had a game-winner on Jan. 16 against Michigan State. The Hoosiers finished 13-8 that year and 6-4 in Big Ten play.

The description in the Indiana University Basketball Encyclopedia, originally written by Jason Hiner, went like this: “The next week, Indiana trekked up to East Lansing, Michigan … and snatched a victory away from Michigan State (not yet a Big Ten member) when forward Urban Jeffries buried a field goal from the top of the key with five seconds remaining to give the Hoosiers a thrilling 20-19 win.’’

So that one clearly fits the bill. As our last-second shots progress, obviously they will be from what you would consider much more household names in IU hoops history.

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