The Greatest Series: Last Second Shot No. 8

In today's installment of the Greatest Series for last-second shots, Dean Garrett hit a big one in the closing seconds to knock off No. 2 Purdue in 1988.

Each day, has a new installment in “The Greatest” series that will chronicle some of the top players, teams and performances in Indiana basketball history.

The first top 10 countdown looked at some of the top individual performances in IU history. In the second list we’ll look at the best last-second shots in Indiana history. p>


The buzzer beaters in IU history essentially begin tomorrow, but here’s another last second shot that was big for Indiana.

The year after IU won the national championship in 1987, the ’88 Hoosiers would finish fifth in the Big Ten with an 11-7 record. Purdue would win the title at 16-2.

But one of those two Boiler losses came on Jan. 30 in Bloomington.

Purdue was ranked No. 2 in the nation and was 6-0 in conference play heading to Assembly Hall.

IU led by 15 at halftime, 52-37 but Purdue came roaring back and tied the game late in regulation. But Dean Garrett came up big for IU, knocking down a 10-foot jumper with 6 seconds to play to help lead IU to an 82-79 victory over the Boilermakers.

Garrett finished with a double-double with 31 points and 10 rebounds.

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