The Greatest Series: Last Second Shot No. 7

In the latest installment of The Greatest Series, Jay Edwards hits a big shot to beat rival Purdue.

Each day, has a new installment in “The Greatest” series that will chronicle some of the top players, teams and performances in Indiana basketball history.

The first top 10 countdown looked at some of the top individual performances in IU history. In the second list we’ll look at the best last-second shots in Indiana history.

NO. 7: Jay Edwards LEADS IU OVER Purdue

Jay Edwards had three memorable shots in particular at the end of games in the 1989 Big Ten season.

Two claimed victories. The other, tied the game in the final seconds against Illinois, only to be one-upped by Nick Anderson seconds later.

On Feb. 12, 1989, Purdue came to Assembly Hall hoping to claim the upset. In fact, the Boilers led by 11 midway through the second half.

That’s when IU made a big charge. The Hoosiers tied the game at 62-all when the Hoosiers got possession with 32 seconds to play and went for one shot.

With the clock winding down Edwards got the ball near the top of the circle. He drove the ball to the left side, faked toward the basket, and then pulled back and hit the game-winning 16-footer to give IU a 64-62 victory. That was the description of Jason Hiner in the IU Basketball Encyclopedia.

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