Crean: Davis is team's strongest player

Sophomore Devin Davis is bench pressing 285 pounds, Tom Crean said Tuesday. Here's a quick update on a number of guys' improved strength.

In a lengthy press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Indiana coach Tom Crean said sophomore forward Devin Davis is the team's strongest player.

Davis, 6-foot-7, is bench pressing 285 pounds, according to Crean. With a lack of size on the roster, there's a good chance Davis will play significant minutes at the center position this season. He may even start there.

Crean said junior Hanner Mosquera-Perea is nipping at Davis' heals as the second strongest guy on the team.

Other interesting strength notes:

**Freshman Robert Johnson entered the program able to bench 185 pounds 15 times and is only getting stronger.

"He's the strongest player, flat-out, that we have ever brought into Indiana, irregardless of position," Crean said.

**When Troy Williams arrived at Indiana last summer, Crean said he was benching "basically the bar." Williams, now entering his sophomore season, is benching 225 pounds. That's a significant jump in a short period of time.

**At this time last summer, incoming freshman James Blackmon Jr. could bench 185 pounds only one time. Now, after working at it for a year, he can do it nine times.

"He's committed to this thing," Crean said.

**Junior point guard Yogi Ferrell is now benching 245 pounds, Crean said. He said Ferrell is really growing as a leader. He will be available to the media within the next week.

**Here's one other interesting note, but it's not related to strength. Crean said last week in practice he put all the guards on one team and made Davis play the point for the other team. Every turnover counted as negative two, so Davis' team didn't end up fairing well. But freshman Tim Priller scored 13 points for Davis' team and had Ferrell saying, 'Don't let Priller catch it.' That's interesting considering Priller came to Indiana without any accolades at all. Top Stories