Hartman not close to being healthy

Indiana sophomore Collin Hartman won't play during the trip to Montreal next month, Tom Crean said Tuesday.

Indiana sophomore guard Collin Hartman is still injured and will not play in any games during the team's foreign trip to Montreal next month, Indiana coach Tom Crean said Tuesday.

Hartman tore his ACL during a basketball workout back and March and has not yet been able to run up and down the court with the team. Crean said his recovery will still "take awhile."

"It won't be this summer," Crean said. "There will be nothing in Montréal. He'll be with us but he's not playing. No, it's going to take awhile. We are going to have to see how he progresses. It's way too early to start thinking about who is going to play, who is going to redshirt, all those type of things.

"And we won't rush him back. We won't do anything -- now, we push him to the level of what he can be pushed to with what his body can do. But it's the mental part for me right now, the mental and the represents, getting the represents down constantly. So we'll take our time with that. But we're further along with him than we would have been because we've thrown him right back into -- really, we've just taken about 80 percent of what we do in an individual workout and changed it around to add him to it. So there's a component to him, so he's just getting a ton of volume, which is important. Feel good about that, so we'll see how it rolls."

Hartman averaged 0.7 points and 0.9 rebounds in 4.5 minutes per game last season. Crean said he has pushed Hartman to become a better shooter throughout the offseason and hopes he can contribute in that way next season.

"There's pressure on him. There's nobody guarding him, he needs to make 70 percent of his shots, and I'm right there getting after him if he's not," Crean said. "We didn't offer him a scholarship because he was a phenomenal shooter. We offered him a scholarship because he made everybody better and he could really, really pass the ball. If he could get that shot to where it needs to be and he can get that consistency of the shooting, because that wasn't a strength for him last year. t wasn't a strength in practice or you'd have seen it more in games and obviously it wasn't a strength for a lot of us."

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