Newcomer Update: Tim Priller

Read what Tom Crean had to say about incoming freshman Tim Priller's progress this summer.

At 6-foot-9 and 205 pounds, freshman forward Tim Priller’s footwork isn’t as quick as 6-foot 178-pound junior guard Yogi Ferrell’s.

However, it is one of three areas Priller has improved in over the summer, according to Indiana head coach Tom Crean.

“Tim's movements are improving and his strength is improving and his level of conditioning,” Crean said. “He's been well coached.”

In addition to improving his movement, strength and conditioning, Priller also has been very involved in team scrimmages.

According to Crean, he scored 13 points in one of those scrimmages, but the points were taken away because the team lost two points for every turnover it committed.

“Again we played this game the other day and when (one of) the players, when Yogi said, one of the last things he said, don't let Priller catch it,” Crean said.

It was for good reason. During his senior season at Richland High School in Richland Hills, Texas, Priller averaged 17.2 points per game and shot 51 percent from beyond the arc.

The Hoosiers will benefit from having a post player who can space the floor with that kind of range, which is why Crean has a simple memo for Priller.

“My basic message to Tim is this: if you catch it and you’re open, shoot it,” Crean said. “That's 52 percent from three, a senior playing an inside spot.”

Crean also said Priller is situational at the moment but is optimistic he’ll grow out of that role.

"I think he's going to grow out of that, I really do, because he's got a great work ethic for it,” Crean said. Top Stories