Five Questions: Mark Murphy

How well do you know your favorite Indiana University athletes? In our Five Questions segment, we hope you'll get to know them a little bit better off of the playing field. Today, we feature IU senior football safety Mark Murphy.

You know their statistics. You know all the obvious things there are to know about your favorite Indiana athletes. Now here’s a quick look at a few quick things you may not know in our Five Questions segment.

Today’s Five Questions focuses on IU senior safety Mark Murphy.

1. What’s your favorite place to eat in Bloomington and what do you like to eat there?

There’s a lot of good places to eat in Bloomington. But there’s a small breakfast place called Wee Willies, a little Podunk hole-in-the-wall. We love eating there. And as far as what I eat, I eat everything. It’s a cheap, good breakfast food.

2. Who is the funniest player on this Indiana football team? And are there any particular players that are known for their pranks?

The funniest players? I’m going to go with a duo: Shane Wynn and Isaiah Roundtree. Those two receivers, they are hilarious. They can make anything fun. As far as pranks, I wouldn’t say as much that it’s pranksters. We’re all getting on each other pretty good here. We have some clowns but I would say it’s all around that we’re getting on each other.

3. Coming from Canton/Akron, Ohio, what was the biggest change for you moving from there to Bloomington?

The Midwest is still the Midwest. It’s still humid and you don’t know what you’re going to get in terms of weather at any second. But I guess the biggest change has just been being away from my family. Just being out here by myself.

4. Did you have a role model growing up?

I’d just saying that easily my role model growing up was my dad. He played some with the (Green Bay) Packers and he’s always been someone to look up to. He coached me when I was younger. He has always shown me all the right steps.

5. I know you were the ninth Indiana football player in history to be an Academic All-American. What are you studying in school and what do you hope to do with that degree?

Informatics. As far as what I want to do with that, that is a very good question. I’m just trying to prepare for Indiana State honestly but I’ll deal with that when the time comes. I’ll see where the road takes me.

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