IU players talk about win over McGill

James Blackmon Jr., Nick Zeisloft and Tim Priller talk about Indiana's 96-69 victory over McGill University on Tuesday night.

Shortly after Indiana defeated McGill 96-69 Tuesday night at the Love Competition Hall, IU’s players talked about the win.

James Blackmon Jr., who led IU with 21 points, said he thought his team took the Carleton win in stride Monday night and came out and played hard.

“I think we came back pretty well,’’ Blackmon said. “Our chemistry is getting better every game. We are starting to understand our personnel, how they play and where they want the ball. Everything is getting better."

Blackmon talked about the play of transfer Nick Zeisloft who had another solid night with 15 points off the bench for the Hoosiers.

“He's definitely a big contributor to our team,’’ Blackmon said. “We definitely need him. He is leading us and being a big vocal guy that brings us together in the huddle. We definitely need that.’’

One of the keys on this trip is that IU has been communicating well as a team. Blackmon said that’s a key.

“I think we are a more vocal team this year,’’ Blackmon Jr. said. “This trip has really helped us - Yogi and I are really talking to each other about where we want the ball and getting together is going to be our strength."

Zeisloft talked about his ability to knock down shots. In the last two games he has made six 3-pointers. He was 3-of-5 beyond the arc on Tuesday.

“Tonight was the same thing as last night,’’ Zeisloft said “My teammates got me involved, found me when I was open and made the plays themselves when they were open. It just comes down to us playing basketball, moving the basketball and succeeding at a high level when we do so.’’

Zeisloft said that despite the fact that Wednesday the Hoosiers will play for the fourth day in a row that it’s not that big of a deal on trips such as this one.

“Fatigue really isn't a factor for us,’’ Zeisloft said. “We can't let that hit us at all. We have gotten better each and every game so far - minus the third quarter tonight - and we are going to continue to carry that into tomorrow and learn from every game, quarter, minute and possession on the entire trip.’’

Tim Priller was the third player brought to the media following the game. The freshman said he thinks he has taken a step on this trip.

“I think I have improved a lot,’’ Priller said. “I definitely need to get better - everyone needs to get better - but I need to get better at some things. My teammates are really helping me out. There is no negativity on the team and they are really just pushing me to do better and I try to help them out as well.’’

Priller said there are definite things he needs to work on.

“I definitely have to earn my minutes, it is not just a given thing,’’ Priller said. “I think I need to rebound, that is probably the biggest thing for me that I need to work on.’’

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