Players talk about five-game trip to Canada

Following Wednesday's 109-77 victory over the University of Quebec at Montreal, IU players talked about what they got out of the five-game Canadian trip the concluded with IU posting a 4-1 record.

Indiana wrapped up its Canadian trip today with a 109-77 victory over the University of Quebec at Montreal. The Hoosiers finished their trip with a 4-1 record including three wins in the last three days.

Devin Davis, who had 10 rebounds on Wednesday afternoon, said he got a lot out of the trip.

“I was able to do more versatile things like handle the ball, having to crash the boards more and also switching onto smaller defenders,’’ Davis said.

Davis said the trip was also beneficial because the team was able to spend some quality time together off the court, too.

“I think it gave our team a lot more team chemistry, on and off the court, because we got to spend a lot of time together,’’ Davis said. “On the court, we were able to feel each other out, see what each other likes to do and find out where we are on the floor.’’

Communication was something all the players talked about throughout the week. Davis said he thought IU took strides in that area.

“I think that comes from all of us being able to talk to each other,’’ Davis said. “We are all young and we know that we all don't know everything so we try to talk to each other as much as possible. I think that helps us a lot."

Sophomore Troy Williams agreed that the team is much more self-aware on the court than it was his freshman year.

“We are more together off the court than we are on the court now,’’ Williams said. “Last year's team maybe wasn't always on the same page but now we are all together and thinking the same way. That's how it is on the court. We are not afraid to share anything with each other and we have accountability for what we do."

Williams said being on a trip like that just helped the team chemistry.

“Off the court, anyone can hang out with anyone,’’ Williams said. “I can hang out with Stan and Devin one day and then the next day I could hang out with Jeremiah and Tim. We all get along with each other so well.’’

Williams said he knows he still has a lot to work on before the season begins.

“I'm going to work on more defense and more pick-and-roll situations,’’ Williams said. “I see that now I am in a lot of pick-and-roll situations. It has helped out a lot and I am making good decisions out of it but I still want to work on that more.’’

Freshman guard Robert Johnson had a solid game Wednesday. He scored 17 points on 5-of-9 shooting and hit all four of his 3-point attempts.

“It felt good today,’’ Johnson said. “You never want to have a game like I did yesterday but Coach Crean kept pounding into my head that I can't let my shot affect the rest of my game. I still have to find ways to impact the game and that's what I was trying to do."

Johnson said the key was moving past Tuesday’s performance quickly. Johnson was held scoreless against McGill.

“That was the most important thing, it was a learning experience,’’ Johnson said. “That is why these games are good. After having the game I had last night, it was like a challenge for me to come out today and not allow last night's game to affect me tonight. I just tried to impact the game and find a rhythm somehow."

Johnson had plenty of opportunities during the trip to run the offense. He said he’s very comfortable in that role.

“I think James and I are interchangeable when it comes to that,’’ Johnson said. “Between James, Yogi and myself, we can all initiate the offense and we are all threats so it just makes it easy.’’ Top Stories