IU Football Update: Saturday, August 16

Indiana held a scrimmage Saturday and Kevin Wilson believed that IU is getting closer to where it needs to be. The Hoosiers play Indiana State in two weeks.

Indiana football wrapped up the second week of preseason camp Saturday with a scrimmage that was closed to the public and the media.Afterwards, though, IU coach Kevin Wilson talked about many of the things he saw.

Special thanks to AllHoosiers.com staff writer Sam Rumpza for transcribing this tape.

Wilson talked about the schedule moving forward over the next weeks as the Hoosiers prepare for the Aug. 30 season opener at home against Indiana State.

Wilson said it’s important that Indiana start getting into a regular routine.

“Tomorrow will be a great learning situation,’’ Wilson said, talking about what the Hoosiers will do on Sunday. “Light work tomorrow, we’re going to give our guys Monday off because our routine is we’d play a game, we’d clean it up tomorrow, Monday’s off. So we’re kind of getting into that routine. A lot of times in two-a-days, you might give them Sunday off. But in our world, we played a game, come in on Sundays and get a work out and get our bodies kind of moving the right way, get the soreness out, stretch, cold tub and all that stuff. We correct mistakes, then Monday is an off day.

Wilson said Monday the IU players will get a much-deserved break.

“Monday is going to be a relaxed day,’’ Wilson said. “We’ll do some school prep time, getting the kids academically set, which starts the following week. And then we’ll have a good work day on Tuesday, another really good hard work day on Wednesday, and then we’ll taper back like we would on a Thursday, Friday, going into next Saturday, which is seven days. So we’re kind of on an almost, I’m not saying this a game week coming up, but we’re kind of trying to get into that mode. Ok, we worked hard today, go have a little fun with your fellas tonight, do it the right way, come in tomorrow, correct and clean, take Monday off the way we do it, get your body right and have a good work day Tuesday.’’

Wilson said it’s good to get that routine going now so that the team is more into a regular routine when the opener with Indiana State arrives.

“In our deal, preseason’s not over, we’re going to get polished tomorrow,’’ Wilson said. “Refresh, go hard on Tuesday and Wednesday, clean up for next Saturday. Next Saturday would be a game situation scrimmage. Maybe not a lot of live work on the ones, but maybe some of these young guys get live work because we want to keep bringing the freshen with us.’’

One thing Wilson continues to be pleased with is some of the position battles that are being waged.

“I think Darius Latham has played better than he’s played since he’s been here, and Adarius Rayner is, I think maybe even playing better than him and they’re at the same spot,’’ Wilson said, “and it’s a nice push and it’s kind of what you’d like to see. I think some of these young receivers with J-Shun Harris and Simmie Cobbs are really coming into their own and that’s keeping (Nick) Stoner and (Isaiah) Roundtree and those guys going. And not that we got our team on edge, it’s just you got some guys you can play with, you want to keep bringing the young guys along. I think that keeps the older guys really focused on ‘keep your hands up, don’t drop your hands or relax. Stay ready to fight and keep taking care of your body and keep having the right mental approach to practice and meetings.

“Keep working hard to be at your best.’ I don’t think we’re the deepest team that ever played and we’re far away from saying ‘hey, we’re the most talented team each and every day or week at all of every position.’ We can always be better but we’re so much better than we were. We just got guys, I used the word banter, they’re competing with each other and I kind of like that.’’

Wilson talked about other positions where there’s good competition.

“We’ve got seven or eight O-linemen that can play,’’ Wilson said. “I’d like to see the running back position actually pick it up and with Tevin (Coleman) back there, I’d like to see D’Angelo (Roberts) and (Devine) Redding and some of those guys a little bit more to try to keep Tevin going. He’s a good guy and you want him to be the feature back. Somebody wrote an article and they said he had 170 carries last year; well he didn’t play three games. So you put those three games in there and it’s 210-215 carries, that’s not bad. So he’ll get more and I don’t know if he’s a 400 carry back, really because of our tempo.

“I just think we have better bodies and we’ve worked really hard with the young players trying to get them in the mix. Tegray Scales, Gooch so that Marcus Oliver, all those guys, T.J. Simmons was sharp today. David Cooper. It’s not sitting here where it’s just perfect, it’s just so much more fun to go out there in practice because the twos against the twos are really good. The two defense is doing better than the two offense a lot of times and I don’t think it’s because of the skill drop off, I think the two defense is now better. A lot of the two defense is actually kind of ones, and they’re playing with the first team. Just to me it’s pleasing.’’

The next media availability day with IU is scheduled for Tuesday. Over the next few days we’ll catch up on some items from last week that we didn’t use.

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