IU Insider Blog: Say What?

There was never a point in Saturday's game where the thought crossed my mind that Indiana State could win that game. And yet Indiana State coach Mike Sanford was quoted as saying he thought his team should have won the game. Here are my thoughts on that topic.

OK, so what am I not understanding here?

I listened to some of the postgame audio of Indiana State coach Mike Sanford Saturday afternoon following Indiana’s beat down of Indiana State and Sanford sounded as if he watched a different game than I did.

To paraphrase, he said his team was a lot better than the final score indicated and that he thought the Sycamores actually should have beaten the Hoosiers Saturday afternoon.


Hmmmmmm. Let’s think about that for a moment.

Indiana ran the ball 69 times for 455 yards.

The Hoosiers converted 11-of-17 third down opportunities.

Indiana had a 29-10 edge in first downs.

IU had a 566-170 edge in total offense.

The only two times Indiana State scored was off of a pair of IU turnovers. One time the Sycamores started at the IU 41, moved it 28 yards and kicked a field goal.

The other time, Indiana State got it at the IU 16 and scored a touchdown.

But Indiana State didn’t exactly spend a lot of time on the positive side of the 50. And after gaining 83 yards in offense the first quarter, Indiana State managed just 87 yards the rest of the way.

But somehow Sanford said he thought his team should have won the game.

These two teams could play 10 more times and Indiana State wouldn’t win. Sorry, while the Sycamores play hard, they had no idea how to stop Indiana on the ground Saturday. Tevin Coleman’s goal going into the season was to gain 1,000 yards. He’s 25 percent of the way there after his 247 yards against Indiana State.

In what phase of the game would you have thought that Indiana State would have the advantage?

A better quarterback? I don’t think so. Nate Sudfeld didn’t look sharp by any stretch but Mike Perish was far from the more dominant player. Perish missed 15 throws and Sudfeld had seven incompletions. Perish had 29 more yards passing.

Better runners? Uhhhhh …. No. Receivers? Don’t think so.

A better offensive line? Not even close. A better defensive line? IU held Indiana State to 30 yards rushing. The Sycamores held the Hoosiers to 455 yards rushing.

Better linebackers? IU has a lot of talent at the linebacker position. The secondary? I’ll take Michael Hunter, Tim Bennett, Antonio Allen and Mark Murphy any time over that group.

A better punter? OK, Indiana State wins there.

But that’s it. It was 28-10 and IU didn’t score on an opportunity when it had first-and-goal at the 6. Another time, IU had fourth-and-one at the 29 and let a true freshman carry the ball and got stuffed.

The scoreboard showed 28-10 but the stat sheets showed an Indiana Hoosier dominance.

Indiana State should have beaten Indiana Saturday? Sorry, coach. No way.

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