Five Live Chats this week at

We will have a Live Chat every day this week. Read on to find out what days and what times as we experiment and try to determine what is the best day and time for a Live Chat at

What is the best day for a Live Chat?

At, to be honest, we’re not really certain.

And so this week we’re going to attempt a little experiment. We’re going to have a Live Chat every day for the next five days and scatter out the times to get a feel for when we might just get the most traffic for a chat.

To date, we have had two this year and both were on Friday at Noon.

So let’s try something different and see what the results turn out to be. Three of the chats will be held on our Premium Football Board and two on our Premium Basketball Board.

On all five chats, however, we will talk football, basketball and all things IU athletics.

So find a time that is best for you and stop by and let’s talk some IU athletics this week.

Here is the schedule.

Monday, Sept. 8: Live Chat at 4 p.m. on Premium Football Board.

Tuesday, Sept. 9: Live Chat at 2 p.m. on Premium Basketball Board.

Wednesday, Sept. 10: Live Chat at 8 p.m. on Premium Football Board (This one will follow Kevin Wilson's Radio Show)

Thursday, Sept. 11: Live Chat at 5 p.m. on Premium Basketball Board.

Friday, Sept. 12: Live Chat at 3 p.m. on Premium Football Board.

So stop by once, twice or up to five times this week and let’s talk Indiana athletics together.

At, we’re looking forward to it. Top Stories