IU Insider Blog: A crazy day for numbers

The numbers were off the charts in so many instances Saturday in the IU-Bowling Green game. Here's a few that will give even the most number-oriented fan reason to scratch their head.

I’ve always been a numbers guy. Numbers fascinate me. I love to find interesting factoids and statistics that are generated by numbers.

Saturday’s Indiana-Bowling Green game was numbers on steroids.

The first number that jumps out is total plays.

It’s a crazy number – 113.

That’s how many total plays Bowling Green had Saturday in its 45-42 victory over Indiana at Doyt Perry Stadium.

Let me try to put that number into perspective.

The Indiana school record for plays in a game is 101.

In the season opener two weeks ago, Indiana State had 57 total plays for the game in a 28-10 loss at Indiana.

Saturday, Bowling Green had 50 plays in the first half and 63 in the second half.

So basically, IU’s defense was on the field for two games Saturday against Bowling Green. Or at least two times as many of that first game.

But even if you say a normal game is 75 plays, that 113 number is absolutely off the charts.

Bowling Green ran 34 more plays Saturday than Indiana.

And so the Indiana defense had to be exhausted. I’m not making excuses here though. IU’s exhaustion on defense would technically be well-earned. The Hoosiers simply couldn’t get the Falcons off the field.

James Knapke, making the first start of his career against an FBS opponent, just methodically picked the IU defense apart.

It’s time for some more crazy numbers. Knapke (did I mention he was making his first collegiate start against an FBS opponent) attempted 73 passes. SEVENTY-THREE!!!

IU had three quarterbacks attempt more than 49 passes last year with a high of 57. I thought that was a huge number. But 73? That’s just crazy talk.

Knapke completed 46 of his passes for 395 yards and three touchdowns.

Need another crazy number? One Bowling Green wide receiver – Roger Lewis – had 16 catches for 149 yards.

Let’s put that one into perspective. Nick Stoner caught 12 passes for Indiana in 12 games last season. Duwyce Wilson caught 14 passes for IU last year. Isaiah Roundtree had 14 catches.

Lewis surpassed all of their season totals from a year ago in one game.

You want one more? Erich Toth had a 10-yard punt for Indiana. Into the wind? OK. But 10 yards? Really.

IU had some big numbers, too. Tevin Coleman ran for 190 yards and three touchdowns. Nate Sudfeld threw for 347 yards – on 32 less pass attempts than his counterpart.

Shane Wynn caught 10 balls.

Five IU defensive players had 10 or more tackles and seven had nine or more tackles. That’s going to happen when the other team has 113 players but still that’s a lot of tackles.

The numbers simply go on and on and on.

I think I had better stop before I give myself a headache.

Oh, did I mentioned 1,150 yards of total between the two teams and 87 points total?

Yikes. I’m on number overload.

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