Q&A: Catching up with Max Hoetzel

Indiana freshman Max Hoetzel sat down with IUHoosiers.com this week to talk about his early adjustments to college.

Bloomington, Indiana - IU freshman Max Hoetzel begins his first year with the Hoosiers. He is a native of Calabassas, California and came to the Hoosiers from Wilbraham & Monson Academy. On the trip to Canada, he averaged 5.6 points and 3.0 rebounds. He scored nine points, grabbed three rebounds and dished out one assist in game one against Laval. In the final game of the trip, he scored 12 points and had five rebounds against UQAM.

Talk about the first few months of being here at IU and how you feel that you and the rest of the freshman are coming along in terms of making a transition into college basketball?

HOETZEL: "When I first got here in the summer, I felt it was a big transition - just in terms of my body and the speed of the game. As, you know, all of these things have been going on - the Canada trip - and just working out with Coach (Je'Ney)Jackson and everybody I feel like I've been able to transition into the college game. I feel more comfortable out there and it's all about having fun. I've been able to find the fun in the game and try no to take everything so seriously."

You come in here with a reputation of being a good shooter. What are some of the things that you have to adjust to in order to maintain the same type of confidence and abilities against collegiate defenders?

HOETZEL: "I have to just do the same thing I've always done my whole life, but at a better speed and a better pace. Also, with a better rhythm - basketball is all about having the same rhythm. If you can find the same rhythm while going faster, that's what the college game is all about. Just doing the same thing you did in high school except faster and stronger, and basically just having a good foundation for everything you do... having a good routine and getting into the gym everyday."

What were the benefits that you got personally from the Canada trip?

HOETZEL: "For me it was to get an idea of how Coach Crean is as a basketball coach and being out there with my teammates and forming a bond with everybody. It was a great trip, a great learning experience, and something to look back on and know that we had a good time and learned a lot."

What were the benefits for you guys as a team, to be on that trip and have five games that you can look back at say "Okay, this is what we have to adjust to as we get ready for the season?

HOETZEL: "I think that it doesn't put as much pressure on us when the season rolls around, because we've already been out there playing with each other. We already know exactly how each other plays and basically gets the learning out of the way, to be honest. When the season comes around, everybody is going to know what to do and we're going to do it well. It was a great trip."

What are you studying right now in school and how have classes been?

HOETZEL: "I've been majoring in sports communication and minoring in business. So, I've had the basic classes. Classes are going really well. You know, I think the college setting classes I benefit from well. I think that basically just getting to class everyday and working with Marni (Mooney) - she's been on top of everything and has really been a blessing to us."

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