The Buck Stops Here: North Texas

Every Friday at, former IU assistant football coach Buck Suhr breaks down the tape of the upcoming opponent. Today he looks at the Mean Green of North Texas.

Buck Suhr knows Indiana football.

Suhr spent 18 seasons on the IU football staff as either an assistant coach or administrator. He was the running backs coach for 12 years under Bill Mallory. Among the running backs he coached was IU All-American Anthony Thompson.

Every Friday before an IU football game this season, Suhr will take a look at the upcoming IU opponent after watching film during the week in our The Buck Stops Here feature.

The first question I had for Buck with regards to North Texas was simply what were his general impressions after watching the Mean Green on tape. He said that was not an easy question to answer.

“My true impression is that it’s hard to figure them out because they really haven’t played anybody that is any good,’’ Suhr said. “They’ve been hurt. I watched the Texas game and they were just awful. I watched the SMU and they were awful. But they’ve gotten some guys back. Their strength is probably their offensive line. Their other strength is probably the speed of their defense. And the unknown on the team is their quarterback in terms of how much they can do with him and how effective he’ll be running the football and doing the stuff they’re going to do that is going to be new.’’

Suhr said that UNT’s new quarterback, redshirt freshman Dajon Williams, is extremely talented and also inconsistent.

“He ran the scout team last year and he was third team coming into the season,’’ Suhr said. “But they played three games and they were awful at quarterback. They decided to give Williams a try and he was almost perfect against a real bad team.’’

One thing you hear about North Texas is how good they have played up front on defense. Suhr said it’s a talented group but also undersized.

“They’re okay but they’re really small,’’ Suhr said. “Their defensive ends are like 230. They’re much smaller than anything we’ve seen but they’re pretty athletic and I think it’s a pretty well-coached defense. They’re leading the country in rush defense but that’s because nobody has really even tried.’’

That’s our fifth installment of The Buck Stops Here at Look for the next one on Friday, Oct. 10 previewing the IU-Iowa game.

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