Daily Feature: On The Mend

Every Tuesday at AllHoosiers.com we look back at any injuries that came out of the previous week's game and the impact it will have on the upcoming game. Here is today's installment.

Every Tuesday at 9 a.m., AllHoosiers.com will have its ‘On The Mend’ feature that looks at Indiana injuries and how they could potentially affect the upcoming game of the week.

Following the North Texas game, there are two players to keep an eye on – OT Jason Spriggs and WR J-Shun Harris.

Spriggs hurt his knee in the Big Ten opener against Maryland and was cleared to play last week but the coaching staff opted to give him the week off.

IU coach Kevin Wilson said that at one point in the game against North Texas, they wanted to give Ralston Evans a break at left tackle. Because Spriggs hadn’t practiced during the week and had just been standing on the sidelines Saturday, Wilson opted to go with Peyton Eckert instead. But he said Spriggs should be ready to go this week at Iowa.

“He should be full go,’’ Wilson said.

The big injury of note to come out of the North Texas game was to Harris, the true freshman wide receiver from Fishers, Ind.

Harris had concussion-like symptoms after hitting his head on the turf. Wilson said it was likely more like whiplash.

“He looked good yesterday,’’ Wilson said in Monday’s press conference. “But what we did yesterday was so minimal it doesn't really count as a true practice. But it'll be interesting how much he can do tomorrow, we'll see, and for sure by Wednesday.

Wilson said with concussions you just have to take everything slowly.

“I don't know if it's going to linger,’’ Wilson said. “I don't know. Everybody can say it needs to be seven, eight and nine. Sometimes, too, you say your head's hurt, and the doctor says you’re out. Well, you just said that, so what's the degree of the hurting? So I don't think there's a time line. A guy is out three days, five days, two weeks, four weeks.

“I think our guys are always going to err on protecting the athlete, but I think in talking with him afterwards, it didn't appear to be that big, but we'll see, because again, we do all these pretests with guys to get a baseline of where they're at, and then with your recall, you post test and you show that you're up to speed.’’

Stay tuned next Tuesday for a new segment of ‘On the Mend.’ Tomorrow, AllHoosiers.com’s Ben Faunce will have our weekly ‘How They Fared’ feature that looks back at how Indiana recruits did in their games last week.

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