Sheehey suggested Robinson shoot right-handed

Sophomore guard Stanford Robinson shoots right-handed now after spending most of his life -- including last season -- shooting with his left. Read why Robinson made the change and how he feels with it.

One of the most surprising things to come out of Indiana's foreign trip to Canada in August was the fact sophomore guard Stanford Robinson was shooting his jump shots right-handed.

Robinson spent much of his life -- including his freshman season at Indiana -- shooting left-handed. It's not every day you see a basketball player at the college level change his primary hand. It almost ever happens. So why did Robinson do it?

Well, late last season Robinson was just fooling around in the gym one day and shot the ball right-handed. Teammate Will Sheehey told him he thought the right-handed shot looked more smooth, and Robinson took it into consideration.

Indiana coach Tom Crean agreed with Sheehey's assessment, saying Robinson is naturally right-handed.

“The way I was shooting with my left hand, it was kind of like, ‘S***, what else can you do?'," Robinson said Monday. "The way I was shooting, I might as well switch.”

Robinson had a solid freshman season for the Hoosiers and was one of the team's best downhill dribblers, but he really struggled with his perimeter shooting. He shot only 18.8 percent from beyond the arc, making 3-of-16 from out there on the season.

“It just felt so weird. They said it was smooth, but it felt raggedy and it felt like I didn’t have any control of the ball. But after repetitions, it just felt smooth.”

Whether or not Robinson makes more shots as a right-handed sophomore than he did as a left-handed freshman remains to be seen. But I have to agree with Sheehey and Crean's opinion: It does look more smooth. It may be a bit alarming to IU fans when they see it for the first time at Hoosier Hysteria, though.

“Every day it’s getting better," freshman guard Robert Johnson said. "When he first switched, you’d be surprised, but I think he’s come a long way and it looks way better. I think it was a good switch for him.”

Robinson will be an interesting player to track this season. He was unstoppable at taking the ball to the basket at times last season (See: Wisconsin), but he wasn't always as engaged on both ends. That's common with freshmen.

And then there was his arrest last April for underage consumption and possession of a fake ID.

Is Robinson ready to take the next step? Or will freshmen like James Blackmon Jr. and Robert Johnson pass him in the rotation?

Troy Williams, for one, thinks he's ready.

"His decision-making is better, on and off the court," Williams said. "On the court, he's not as wild. And then off the court, he's also settled down some."

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